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So, you found a tutor, agreed on a rate, located the ideal tutoring location and are a few things you can do to get the most out of your session. Send your tutor a copy of your assignment or project the night before. Why waste precious tutoring time watching your tutor read your assignment during your tutoring session. By sending your tutor your assignment before your session, you can get right to tutoring. While you're at it send your tutor what you've done so far. This way your tutor won't spend valuable minutes having you redo work or trying to figure out where you are in the assignment. Bring any specific questions you have about the assignment. The more your tutor knows about your assignment and what you need help with, the faster your tutor can help you during your session. Bring pencil and paper. Even if you are working on something on the computer or some subject that does not always require pencil and paper you should bring a pencil and paper... read more

Most students show up for a study session not really knowing what to expect. A tutor should ask you what you are having trouble with specifically, but if you don't know then neither will they.  The more you and your tutor know about what the problem is the better prepared the tutor will be to help you. Here are some tips for your first study session:   1. Bring everything you have for the class you are getting tutoring for including teacher's class notes, instructions and comments about you and your work if you can get them from him/her. 2. Expect to work. A tutor will guide you, not do the work for you. 3. Take notes. Taking notes both in class and during a tutoring session are important.  Notes don't have to be neat rows of writing. Draw pictures, use short-hand, write in Klingon, it doesn't matter as long as you can read them. 4. Make a list of questions before you meet your tutor, that way you won't miss an opportunity to get clarification... read more

There's an old martial arts/Zen story about a student who came to a new teacher eager to prove how worthy he was of being taught. The student talked on and on about his ideas and knowledge and questions while the teacher remained silent. The teacher then offered the student a cup of tea. The teacher poured a full cup, then continued to pour and pour and pour until the tea was overflowing and spilling all over the floor. The student cried "Stop! The cup is full!" The teacher replied "Just like you. If you are to take in anything new, you must first empty your cup."   Usually, students coming to a tutor do so because they feel they have a "problem" learning something, a "block," or a "barrier." That's a pretty big thing to have in your cup -- a conviction that you "don't get it" or worse, "can't get it" makes it awfully hard for learning to find its way in.    So my advice to students... read more

It's always exciting to meet new, special people.  As someone who cares for your success, your tutor is very important to you!  How do you go into this situation?   FIRST Start with a positive attitude: this tutor is ON MY SIDE!  There's no problem, if I don't understand something!  In fact, I can tell my tutor everything that I find difficult!  I can even get ahead in class!  Maybe one day I'll be tutoring this subject!    NEXT Look at the work you need to do in your class. Identify what you understand, what seems almost within your reach, and what is beyond your comprehension. Create a color code for each and mark your materials, or just write them down in preparation for your first session.   FINALLY Bring your color-coded materials and questions for your tutor, along with any and all class materials.  Show your tutor how you've prepared, and express what progress you'd like to make in your... read more

When you are preparing to go meet your new tutor for the first time, remember the tutor is just as excited to meet you too! To make the most of everyone’s time, remember a few simple things: Everyone will be a bit nervous! It is everyone’s first time meeting each other. The younger your child is, the higher the chance they will be shy or possibly cry. Schedule- Try to come prepared with a schedule/calendar of when you can meet us on a regular basis. At the end of our first session we will be ready to schedule our next session, we request that you are too! Neutral Territory-Since it your first session, try meeting at a neutral place like a local library or school. Bring Work Samples- Try to bring samples of what your child is doing in school: classwork, homework, tests, etc.  Anything that the teacher has requested that they need to work on/improve on. We will go over with you the goals and needs of your child at this time. We will design our future lessons... read more

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