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Hello, this is my first time using WyzAnt. I've tutored before in the past, and currently tutor with Chegg. I decided to join WyzAnt because I'm searching for even more opportunities to expand my tutoring business. I'm waiting for my profile to be approved and though I would make a blog post in the mean time. I look forward to working on WyzAnt. I love tutoring because it fills me with joy to be able to help share what I've learned in school with others and help those who are struggling with their classes!   I hope I will have a great experience with WyzAnt. I love the way this website is set up and I can't wait for my profile to be approved so I can get started tutoring!

Hi all! I have noticed that many tutors use Wyzant's blog feature as means of posting tips and tricks in their areas of expertise, which I think is a really neat idea. When I made the transition from student to teacher, I came to truly appreciate the helpful instruction, insight and occasional snippets of wisdom I have received from the multitude of amazing professors, classmates and colleagues I have interacted with over the years. As I would not be in the position I am today without the [great deal of] help I received from these people, it only makes sense to pass their gift along. Sooooo... Starting now, I plan on using this blog as a forum for posting the tips, tricks (and occasional snippets of wisdom) that I have to offer. Stay tuned for updates on various topics in math, physics and SAT/ACT/ASVAB test prep. :-)   Happy Monday everyone!

1. I believe that a hard work ethic is indefinitely more valuable than pure genius. i admire those parents and students who are actively seeking out resources to better themselves. 2. I'm a huge lover of knowledge. If I'm tutoring you in math and you say you love history I will try to send you resources not only for the math I'm teaching you, but also the things that interest you. Learning shouldn't be a chore. 3. Tutoring isn't about me. It's about learning what fits your style. Some people like doing homework, and some people want a second lecture. It's all about finding what works for each individual client. 4. I want to see you succeed. If that means staying an extra thirty minutes because you need help, and I see that you're actively trying to understand I want to stay and help. 5.  Each student has dreams however big or small they may be. It may seem now that you don't need to know any math because you want to be a writer- but the skills... read more

This being my first post, let me assure you that I will not reveal any personal information about my students nor discuss them with anyone else.   I had a great first week with Wyzant. My first session was Tuesday at 4pm! It is now Wednesday just after 10pm and I have already completed 5 tutoring sessions. I have worked with friends and colleagues for years, but the range of questions I received from Algebra to Calculus to Visual Basic and Digital Logic have kept me on my toes. I am doing my best to keep up and be prepared for each lesson.   Note to fellow tutors: Request as much information about the exact topics your student wants to review so you can bone up and be ready for at least 20% of the material you teach.

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