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Many students are intimidated from using Excel to enhance their accounting homework. The everyday stress of student life & juggling the limited free time available sometimes leaves less than adequate time to learn the basics of your laptop, recall your passwords, memorize the campus layout, restore laptop connectivity, and yes: become even remotely familiar with Excel software! Frankly, I have had one student claim their professor forbid them from using Excel as a tool! I can’t really understand this because once our students graduate, they will be expected to use Excel on a moment-by-moment basis for their employer’s benefit. Excel based problem solving allows the student to concentrate on the theory behind his/her problem solving and how to sharpen his/her approach as opposed to old fashion pencil pushing - which is so susceptible to unintentional math errors and dull pencils will always need to be re-sharpened! Please contact me for a one-hour... read more

     The uniform CPA exam is regarded as one of the most difficult professional exams, with a passing rate around 50% for all of the sections. However, attaining a CPA license will give you many opportunities in your career. The requirements for the CPA license vary by state, but they all include education (150 credit hours with basically a major in accounting), examination (it is the same exam for all states), and experience (1-2 years). You need the education (or at least a couple of months away from getting it) to sit for the exam, but you do not need the experience portion to sit for the exam. The sections of the CPA are: Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR), Audit (AUD), Regulation (REG), and Business and Economic Concepts (BEC). Thankfully there are many CPA review courses that will be extremely helpful to you as you prepare. Becker is the standard in the industry (the one I used), but it also the most expensive ($3,400). There are a lot of similarities in... read more

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