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FRIENDLY DISCLAIMER   I assure you, this post is rated G. Tell the children they can come back now.   Exquisite Corpse is a writing exercise that was first introduced to me in 10th grade AP English.   My teacher at the time (who is, by far, my favorite ever) was trying to rid us of the awful writing techniques ingrained in us from the TAKS test. There is a good chance you or your child has gotten a nice Texas-sized dose of these in school.   We were so regemented that, even though we were all gifted in Reading and Language Arts, lots of us had gotten 2s and 3s on the writing portion of the test. We lost the fun. We lost the creativity.   How did we get it back?   Exquisite Corpse.   What in the world  is Exquisite Corpse?   It's the Galaxy X totin', New age cousin of the old parlor game "Cadavre Exquis" in which multiple people would contribute to a sentence... read more

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