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I have been using WyzAnt for a couple of years now and it has been a great experience.  I have been tutoring since High School but I was glad when I found this site. It is very safe and reliable. Over the years I have been emailing them questions and concerns and WyzAnt always gets back to me on that day or the next. I hope to continue what I do through this website. For any new tutors out there, it is a great experience and the students are respectable and hardworking. Make sure to keep a tutor, student line if you are close to their age. Have fun and enjoy WyzAnt!

My current job is at a chocolate shop.  My experience there seems inapplicable to my future career, however important lessons are all around us. For example, my Spanish has vastly improved since I've been working at Compartes.  Many of the employees are monolingual Spanish, and clear communication on the job is highly necessary.  I can communicate with my coworkers.   Language Goals: Become fluent in Spanish. Increase English vocabulary while studying for the GRE.

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