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Thank you for choosing me to be your child’s tutor. I strive to be the best tutor I can be and welcome your input and insights. This process takes time, even when the student is really trying. “Trying” means: listening and taking notes in class, attempting homework, and actively participating in our sessions. Please know that I am rooting for your child’s success! Please see the lists below of expectations and tutoring information. Session Info: • Sessions are 1 hour minimum. Longer sessions can be accommodated at the request of the parents. • 24 hour cancellation policy (see below) • Parents are encouraged to stay the first 1 – 2 times. After that, I prefer that it is just the student and I. In my experience, students are more relaxed, focused and perform better when parents are not around. I always communicate with the parents at the end of each session. • Student participation in sessions to include problem solving, asking and answering... read more

Many times, when employers frame what they want from a potential employee, they want a college grad with tons of experience. Most of those employers, and the rest of the world, can't live without a device invented by a college dropout..the smartphone. Indeed, we cannot legislate intelligence. The more we 'lower' our expectations, and give outside-the-box people a chance, the more you'll get what is overdelivered, for what is underpromised. There's nothing wrong with the normal expectations, but there's nothing wrong with expecting the unexpected, either. I am always willing to submit to a background check, but am not willing to pay for it. After all, the purpose for getting a job, is to remedy the fact that I don't have money, right? I know you can tell, I'm a fun guy. *smile*

Here is information on what I do, how I bill, and what I need from you. Feel free to read the entire blog, or just skim the bold headings until you see the type of proofreading you need. I look forward to working with you! For $5 per unit, I will do the following: Proofread your paper for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. ($5 per 1200 words)  Provide notes explaining the changes I suggest. Make these changes (tentatively) in your paper and mark them in red print. I am: Certified in Teaching English as a Second Language Experienced in proofreading college-level academic writing, having done so as an employee of a nearby college and as a professional tutor Ethical and attentive to detail How it works: Message me and let me know what you are looking for in a proofreader. See the “extras” below for more options, and let me know if you need a service that is not listed. Charges: o $5 per 1200 words for basic... read more

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