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Students have a wonderful opportunity to show admissions officers who they really are, by using the college essay to stand out from the crowd. In my experience, if you find a topic that you care about, and you write an essay that speaks from your heart, you will have a successful application experience. Admissions officers have to read dozens of applications per day in the 'busy season'. If you give an application reader a chance to pause, laugh out loud or wonder about the end of the story, and really recognize you as an individual, whether using humor, philosophy, creative writing about a memory or a fictionalized experience, or a profound lesson learned, you will hit a home run!   I am happy to help you get started, and then to edit your results. I do not write essays for students, but I do help you present yourself in the best light possible, and to give you opportunities that you may not find on your own.  Contact me for 3-session essay writing package... read more

I find that the best way to start writing something is to do a concept web of the topic. The web will have the central theme in the middle of the page circled and then write each supporting idea  off of that theme and then form sentences off of that idea.  See the example Below: Sorry but there is no way to circle these things so, I have had to become inventive.                                                                                                                              Trees---how they grow----sunlight----oxygen

The last student I tutored was presented with what seemed like an impossible task. She was to write a speech based on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech. But her speech was to include repetition of a concept, a theme, metaphors, and allusions. Tough order! So, we broke down the tasks. First we watched some videos on allusion (not to be confused with illusion!): or I would recommend that you start with videos for any concept that you don't fully understand. Once she watched the videos, we broke down the assignment. What else has themes, repetition, and metaphor/illusion? Songs! We decided to write a song with a chorus. The first step was to choose a topic: Dropping out of school. Bam! We have our "theme" and "concept". We chose to make it a conversation between my student and a fictional partner who was going to say things like "I'm dropping out... read more

What's the easiest way to make your students groan? Assign them an essay to write, of course! Students far and wide would almost rather do ANYTHING than to have to write an essay; and, truthfully speaking, I felt the very same way for many, many years. However, something changed for me as a young college student. I was introduced to a book that contained many samples of good essays that were written over a variety of short stories. I voraciously read, and reread, the essays over and over again. And then the "light bulb" moment came to me. I began to pick up on a "formula" that was used in each and every essay. Mind you, this "formula" was not taught in the book, but it was modeled. So, I began to practice my formula theory on the next few papers and essays I had to write. I was an English major, so writing assignments were a MAJOR part of my homework. One by one, the essays came back graded and the grades were good; I'd even say, if I can be honest,... read more

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