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Greetings Students!   Please check out my tutoring policies here: Gerrit's Tutoring Policies    (It's very important that you read those!)     Here are some useful resources for help with physics problems:   Guide to solving problems. Here is a helpful guide I created to illustrate from start to finish all of the steps involved to properly go about solving a physics problem. It outlines a tried-and-true proven method for approaching physics problems that is thorough, structured, simple, and (most importantly) breaks down problems making them much easier to solve. Please adopt it, practice using it, and try to incorporate it into all of your future physics assignments; it will make your life easier. Steps to Solving Physics Problems   Comprehensive lists of high-school physics equations: Official AP Physics Exam: Equations List MCAT Physics Equations with Explanations Extensive... read more

I was tutoring a student the other day in physics and, in trying to explain the usefulness of writing the fundamental equation before solving a problem, the strangeness of spontaneous analogy struck again.  Looking at my teenage protege, I told him, "Physics is like a soap opera.  Unless you define the relationship, you won't have any idea of what's going on."  After a stunned moment of silence, we both laughed then went back to the problem. But oddly, after thinking about it, this analogy works better than any I have ever come across or invented when describing the math-intensive sciences.  There are so many equations and variables out there for chemistry and physics that keeping them straight is like trying to work out a relationship tree for "All Our Children" or "The Young and the Restless".   That's where practice comes in. Like watching a soap or any tv show weekly, daily practice with equations... read more

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