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1. Student engagement.  I always make sure that each student gets individual attention by engaging with him or her verbally, making sure they know that they are important to me and that I am monitoring them. 2. Asking students to restate what I have taught - in small amonts of information.  I often know that a student is listening, but restating what I have taught invites them to state it in their own words, thus solidifying their knowledge. 3.  Asking students to tell a personal story about themselves.  This is essential for second language learners speakers.  They are practicing speaking English about something they are intimately familiar with - themselves.   4. Using students errors in speaking to form my next grammar lesson.  Speaking is very informative for me as a teacher to know where to go next to help students to communicate clearly.  Often they can understand grammar that they cannot replicate in speech. 5. Humor is... read more - This site is used in public schools across Indiana.  Students take Acuity Tests beginning in 3rd grade.  They are used to predict whether a student will pass the ISTEP test.  After students have taken one of the tests, they are assigned lessons based on concepts that they missed on the test.  Students can easily access these lessons at home in order to practice those missing concepts. - This site is wonderful!  It allows students to practice their math and reading skills.  You also have the ability to create additional assignments (spelling, writing, response to reading, etc).  This is a site that costs money, but it has been worth it for me as a teacher. - This site also provides practice for skills in reading and math.  It also provides practice for vocabulary, math fact practice, and test prep!  You can get this site for free or pay a fee for additional... read more

"...Very often the obstacle to understanding mathematics is not necessarily due to a persons studying abilities, it is due to the individuals actual emotional and psychological say. A student could have details going on at house, workplace or inside a relationship, that may cause an extensive obstruction to studying. He or she can be with their tutor throughout a tutoring session, and rather than focusing about precisely what the tutor is trying to explain, the student is interested inside thoughts for his/her issues. This can cause attention deficit, inability to focus, and deficit of aspire to understand or hear the tutor. If taking on a student for long term tutoring, a good tutor or tutoring firm need a as potential to take these aspects into consideration and build their tutoring sessions with these details in your mind..."   Check out more information on the Three Biggest Mistakes in Hiring a Math Tutor --   I'll admit, I used to be... read more

Everyone wants our children to have excellent educations, yet our schools too often fall well short of this goal. Why is this? Bad teachers, bad parents, bad kids, lack of funding for programs, there seems to be no shortage of reasons. A closer look at our schools however, will show that almost without exception there is at least one activity at each school where the students truly excel. One school may excel at volleyball and another at football. It may be choir or the art program, but these pockets of excellence exist where these bad kids of bad parents, led by bad teachers are consistently outperforming their peers year after year. Ironically, at many schools these programs are often viewed as detrimental, distracting the students from the core curriculum. Nothing could be further from the truth; these are the programs we need to emulate. You do not become a sectional or state champion caliber athlete or artist by accident, it takes a great deal of focus, discipline... read more

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