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It is no surprise that students lose some of their edge for education over the summer. After all the saying goes, "if you don't use it, you lose it." Summer is a great time to prepare students for the next school year. Tutoring can provide a means to not only stop the loss but also allow students to gain valuable skills for the next year. Imagine the edge your student could have in next years' math or science class if he or she had summer sessions with a certified teacher familiar with the state board curriculum and requirements? Summer is also a great time to prepare for standardized tests. SAT, PSAT, ACT or ASVAB. All of these tests provide information about a student's future potential. Students who are better prepared will score better and be given greater opportunities. That is why the test-prep industry is such a huge market. If you don't believe me, just stroll down that aisle of your local bookstore. However, as helpful as these self-help books can be, how... read more

For someone who loves helping people, nothing is better than getting a phone call from a parent saying that their child, who came to you failing prealgebra, has a 95 average, and that they will be calling you for help next school year! I am so proud of her for working hard and doing what she needed to maximize her potential. On an tangent thought... Second best feeling in the world is having your 1st grade sister come up to you, bursting with happiness and explaining to you that math is fun, and she wants to learn multiplication. I only hope that someday, when I have my own children, they will be that excited about learning.

I pride myself in having the patience to explain things in more ways than one, so that children don't get frustrated. Being very personable and kind helps children feel secure in learning new ways to understand what is difficult for them. I also show children strategies which can be used for future work which is similar, that way they are not just learning the problem or skill specific to the moment, but can remember what they learned and how, so they can apply the knowledge later and forever. I love sharing what I learned at the University of Georgia School of Education. The teaching skills I took to heart set me apart from most tutors who assist children with their work, but don't really know how to help them advance at a rate that will help them catch up quickly, and build self-respect and self-esteem, the keys to the learning curve. Many kids become numb to failure, since they are behind in certain subjects, and they are expecting to fall further behind and possibly be ridiculed... read more

Recently, after I tutored two of my favorite students to prepare them for upcoming tests in Pre-Algebra and Geometry respectively, I received positive reinforcement for the importance and value of customizing the tutoring approach, information, knowledge transfer, and tutoring style. After the first tutoring session, I was approached by three people as I was waiting for my next student: 1. An elementary school teacher – she complemented me on my knowledge and tutoring style, and asked me for my information to refer students to me for tutoring. 2. A parent seeking a tutor for their daughter – he complimented me on my tutoring style, my patience, and my problem solving ability, He said, “I saw how you tutored him and I want you to tutor my daughter the same way” He booked a tutoring session for the next day. 3. An adult student preparing for a standardized test – she worked at the café, came over and said that she saw me tutoring the student and saw how he was excited... read more

Math is a language all of its own. For many people who enjoy reading and writing may be challenged with math and science. But, when you make games and adventures with these concepts in mind, it’s much easier for your child to learn. Take multiplication for instance. Many of us were told to memorize a table of numbers, practicing over and over again by looking, using flashcards, and taking timed tests. What if, instead, you used popcorn and four napkins to show the fours’ times table? Try some games, ask questions on your visit to the park. “I see seven children playing, how many legs do seven children have (2x7)? A few years ago, one of my second graders, Trevor introduced me to Take a few minutes to check it out and have some fun! Oh, here are some other links my students really enjoyed. We played Stop the Clock on There are tons of lessons on IXL sorted by grade level: BrainPop has dozens... read more

I am so excited that I found WyzAnt!! It has been wonderful! I have met so many new people and love helping work with my students to see them advance! I worked in the public schools for 7 years and loved every minute of it when I had my SPED Resource Room for Learning Disabled, Dyslexic, and ADD/ADHD students. I got to see so many young people better themselves and get passed that learning barrier to advance and become great students that even went on to college. That is what I am about!! I want my students to have the best opportunities that are out there! Just because your child may need a tutor, that does not mean that they will not surpass your ideas or their ideas for their future!! I have very HIGH expectations for my students and love to challenge them to surpass those goals to go on to new heights. Looking forward to working with more students! WyzAnt is terrific!

What should my child know by the end of the school year? This is a very common question for concerned parents. Each state has a list of Grade Level Content Expectations, also known as GLCEs. In Michigan, you can take a look at this website to find out the GLCEs for your child's grade:,1607,7-140-28753_33232---,00.html Not a very pretty url, but very informative. In an ideal world, all children would accomplish all the goals each year AND retain the information to make a smooth start into the next school year. This does not happen for all children. As an educator for over fifteen years, I witnessed very successful students rise to the top of the class, and students who needed to be retained in order to be successful. It takes the commitment of dedicated parents to ensure their child or children are ready to succeed. There are many other factors that go into a child's success in school, such as attitude, ability, and opportunity. Children in homes... read more

What nice things were said today about my teaching. This by a former Principal. "Rosemary was a very dedicated teacher with good moral values and a passion for teaching. She was always prepared for class, punctual, responsible and was able to motivate children to learn. She was also very creative in her approach and the children were drawn to her. I was very fortunate to have her ... in both programs I have supervised. The students and their parents respected her and learned a lot under her leadership. I would highly recommend Rosemary ... She is a team player who sets high standards for herself and is a hard worker. She would be a valuable addition to your program."

It's important to plan ahead - "get ahead of the game" whether planning for SAT/ACT or planning for this coming Fall, 2012. Most parents and students wait till they get an "unexpected bad grade" - then REACT. A tutor can help things turnaround at that point - but what about your other classes - do you ignore those to catch up? This is not a good situation. Pressure packed. If this happens to be the semester they are preparing and taking the SAT or ACT, or they have to prepare to take an AP exam - even more pressure. I am thinking primarily in terms of math/science. If your student can start a tough math or science course in the fall having already mastered several key fundamentals of that course, it will give them confidence, relieve stress, and move them to a higher level of understanding. Also plan ahead carefully in class selection. You want a strong high school resume, but not at the expense of a significant drop in grades. My own daughter took statistics... read more

SOH CAH TOA When working with Right Triangles in any Math and Science subject, especially Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Chemistry, and Physics, many problems can be solved by remembering this Memory Jogger: Indian Chief SOH CAH TOA (sounds like soow caah towaah) Angle = A Sine A = Opposite/Hypotenuse Cosine A = Adjacent/Hypotenuse Tangent A = Opposite/Adjacent You can use these formulas to calculate and find missing angles or sides to solve various problems. Please contact me to help your student achieve the best grades possible in Math and Science. As a Chemical Engineer, I work on Math and Science problems all day, and tutor students in Math and Science in the evenings and weekends, including students from Elementary School to College Graduate School. I help students learn to see how Math and Science can be fun and useful in daily life, school, and career choices. All the best, John M.

The ELAs are coming. Is your child ready? Well, if your child was not practicing reading, vocabulary and math for a few hours per week, there is a great chance that you need a tutor to explain the subject curriculum one more time. As the time goes by, the memory fades away. My students play games that help to train their memory, speed and attention. Education is a year long (including summer time) process that is built up by understanding simple things that will help your child to gain a better knowledge and understanding of next grade math, language, and other subjects. Please do not procrastinate! Alexei M.

There are many educational resources online that promise results, but also require payment upfront. They may have a trial period, which may leave you still uncertain. However, I do not think nor are educational products you should doubt if your child has any interest in robots, cartoons, bright colors, and curiosity. I highly recommend BrainPop online resources. and are online subscription websites that provide informative and accurate videos on a variety of subjects your elementary student will require from nutrition, internet safety, math, science, history, geography, bullying, reading, writing, and so much more. These fun and exciting videos then lead to a variety of other activities your student can move onto to reinforce the video content. Activities include comic strips, additional fun and interesting facts, quizzes (printed and online), different writing or drawing prompts, practice questions for math, worksheets, and... read more

Multiplication facts are the bane of every elementary student who has better things to memorize...their favorite Pokemon's powers, who Justin Bieber is dating, or what time The Suite Life comes on the Disney Channel. Memorizing multiplication facts does NOT have to be so dry and boring. Introduce your student to fun multiplication review games online. Check out the links to the free games below (from a variety of online sources). I also included a list of division games for the advanced student who wants a challenge (HELPFUL TIP: learning the division facts can help a student understand and memorize multiplication facts). Multiplication Games - - - - - read more

Tips to Simplify Fractions! I love this! This is from my 5th grade teacher! Suppose you end up with a fraction such as 981/432. Can this be simplified? Here are the tips: If the number is even, 2 is a factor. (You knew this one!) If the number ends in 0 or 5, then 5 is a factor. If it ends in just 0 but not 5, then 10 is a factor. If the DIGITS in the number ADD UP to a number that 3 is a factor of, then 3 is a factor! If the DIGITS in the number ADD UP to a number that is divisible by 9, then 9 is a factor! So above you have 981/432. Add 9+8+1 and you get 18. Now add 1 + 8 if you need to! That number is EVEN, so 2 is a factor, but even better, the digits add up to a number that is divisible by NINE (also 3) so you can divide 9 into it and save A LOT of time! It is really a cute trick. Why does it work? No one knows! Now try the denominator in the sample: 432: 4+3+2=9. Again, you can divide this number by 9!

I think is doing a great job bringing together students and tutors. Even though some tutors charge up to $70/hour and higher, it is hard to see my qualifications until you try. Therefore, I charge $25/hour so that the potential students would try me out and see how good I am on the background of professors and teachers. I am trying to bring affordable tutorials to my students for them to know that good tutors are not the most expensive ones.

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." (William Butler Yeats) I am new to I am a recent Johnson State College graduate. I majored in Elementary Education with a concentration in math. I recently completed my second practicum at Georgia Elementary School with a classroom of 20 4th grade students. Before that I completed my first practicum at Jericho Elementary School with a classroom of 13 2nd grade students. I currently substitute at the Georgia Elementary and Middle School, as well as, tutor three 4th grade students, two days per week, in math and occasionally in other subjects. I thoroughly enjoy working with k-6 students, their curiosity and enthusiasm are amazing and exhilarating. I welcome the chance to create a spark and light a fire of enjoyment and curiosity to your child's learning experience. Janice B.

Tutoring can be a beneficial tool for your at-risk student. If your child is experiencing issues with confusion within subject matter taught within the classroom, needs a boost in self-confidence, or perhaps needs a challenge, your family may want to consider tutoring as a viable option. An experienced tutor is able to perform a formal or informal assessment to determine the need of your student. Once this step has been accomplished, a good tutor will provide materials and activities that are necessary to making learning both fun and successful for your student. It is also important to develop a rapport with your student conducive to finding out the needs of your student, as well as finding ways to supplement learning when your tutor is unavailable. In closing, I feel that if a family is interested in obtaining a tutor though the WyzAnt company, it may be best to pre-pay in order to avoid confusion between tutor, company and families. This will help greatly in obtaining the necessary... read more

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