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There are many posts every year from parents who seek either for a tutor or for a teacher to make sure their kids would pass the test. B&N has very good curriculum books full of educational material to practice for the test. Those books are rightly called the "Complete Curriculum." All what the parents should do is to select a grade level. Those books go as high as up to the 5th grade.    While the math problems are easy to follow, for both reading and writing I am offering my help.   Alexei M.

When addressing general learning - especially in K-6 - we must keep in mind that subjects cannot be separated from one another. An obvious example is science, which requires mathematics, writing, and usually reading. Mathematics word problems, of course, require skill in reading and logic. If we consider social studies, we quickly realize that reading, writing, science, and math concepts are usually necessary for appropriate learning experiences. The common element in all our learning is, of course, language, which we began learning before we were even born. As we grew and learned, we imitated our parents' oral language and learned to associate words with things we observed in our environment. Eventually, we began learning to read, which is simply associating written symbols with oral language. Reading opened us up to a variety of learning, but we had to practice reading on its own, for its own sake, as well as in the other subject areas. This is why schools nowadays often treat social... read more

Poetry is one of those literary genres that instill a fear in students, particularly in the middle school arena. Metaphor, sonnet, acrostic, haiku, rhyme, prose, or free verse are examples of hundreds of poetry terms and forms. Confusing for a young impressionable mind to absorb, poetry is often a subject to avoid, and if unavoidable, often solicits a desire to cheat to succeed. Throughout the internet, are sites where students ask questions soliciting someone to explain or write them poetry to complete a homework assignment. Poetry is not a written or spoken form to be feared, rather should be the educational tool that teaches reading, writing and the arts as no other single genre is capable. Writing poetry ought to be fun allowing students to express their feelings, beliefs, and experiences without the restriction of initially teaching them to write and interpret forms of poetry that are difficult for most to understand and usually result in a lifelong hatred of... read more

Here is a great site you can use right from your home! No log in or passwords needed! I use it everyday with my students in pre-algebra. The site is There are many resources available for Students and Parents: Student Workbooks, Cross-Curricular Projects, Scavenger Hunt, Chapter Readiness Quizzes, Family Letters and Activities, Game Zone, California Standards Practice, Self-Check Quizzes, Vocabulary Review, Real-World Careers, Hotmath Homework Help, Math tools, Online Calculators and Study To Go.

So one of my student just took the NJASK test. It's basically a SAT test for sixth graders, at least the Math part of it. I was helping him with the practice test the other day and he was stuck on a problem which asks him to find the least common multiples of 24 and 198. So I asked him why he couldn't do the problem. He told me because he had to first test if 24 is a multiple of 198. Since it's not. He has to multiply 198 by 2 and try again. Then do 3 so on and so forth. I asked him: "Who told you to do it this way?" He told me his teacher said that's the only possible way of doing this problem. Obviously it's not. This is the most elementary way of finding the least common multiple. Prime factorization would be the way to go. Either the teacher is not trying her best or she simply doesn't know any better way to do this problem. I was talking to my education professor(he is also a math major). He told me that one elementary school... read more

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