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A couple weeks ago I tried an experiment in my tutoring session with the 6-year-old I’ve been tutoring in math over the summer, something I’d never thought of trying before, that worked even better than I had expected. Teaching can also be a good way of learning. I had a friend who became a high school Latin teacher, who used to say that there were some things that she didn’t completely understand until she had to teach it, and only then did it become clear. I’ve also heard that Montessori schools like to have older students teach younger students. Sometimes this can also be done in homeschooling situations. So I thought this might be something useful to try in tutoring, having him try to teach the things he was learning; I don’t know why I never even thought of doing that before. I was hoping that pretending to teach might help solidify some of the concepts I’d been teaching him, and would also give me a chance to see exactly how well he was understanding the material. I do... read more

I provide after school help for children in K-12th grades. I help children understand their homework and answer their questions. The extra help will make your child feel confident and prepared which in turn, is the key to being successful in completing classroom assignments accurately and on time. Homework should never be overwhelming, but rather a means to practice what is taught in class. When a child is confident with the material, he or she is more likely to get better grades on tests and succeed in school.

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