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Countless entries exist in published books and online blogs about chemistry and the numerous concepts associated with the subject. In pompous arrogance, I will redundantly create my own version of information, because I feel that I can convey this information in an effective manner. This blog entry will cover what I feel are some basic concepts of the elements that comprise nature. I’ll attempt to convey some information about atoms, and the periodic table. This blog entry will take the approach of conceptual general chemistry. I may venture into quantum levels of chemistry at a later date. To begin with, the construction of the Periodic Table of Elements was not performed at random. The Periodic Table of Elements is a brilliantly designed tool laid out in a highly specific manner to allow for rapid access to a large quantity of information about each element. Firstly, the Periodic Table is laid out in horizontal fashion by atomic number. Furthermore, the Periodic Table is... read more

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