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It is “common sense” to believe that we share the same sense of commonality amongst all others within society. However, we should never assume what is common to one’s self is necessarily applicable to the entirety of humanity. Each and every individual is independently designed to learn, grow and facilitate thought at his or her own pace to which cannot be labeled as common, but rather should be seen as unique. As unique individuals we must help one another to learn our own common knowledge in order for him or her to flourish. What is not necessarily “common sense” is the understanding that we, as members of society, are responsible for the facilitation of all other’s level of common sense. A powerful way to prevent others from engaging in those behaviors that may irritate ourselves we must educate rather than discriminate and judge. So maybe next time, rather than judging an individual’s faults as a defect of “common sense,” pursue the opportunity as an educator, friend, or simply... read more

    This summer 2014 has been actually life changing in terms of family, career, and purpose for me. After returning back to the field of Supplemental Education Services after maternity leave,opening a center, and publishing a book (for incoming college freshmen), I have never been more pleased. I opened an onsite tutoring/education location so that children can still get the Honors level, or Basic level courses needed no matter what their home district may restrict.  Classes range from Playwriting, Performing Arts, Clay Animation, Math through Music, Magazine Creations, Study Skills, etc.   My decision to return earlier than anticipated was born out of my pure care for children returning back  to their home districts energized, confident, eager, and prepared to show off their newly matured academic personalities. For some it's humor, others its artistic, or athletic for some, in any case it makes for a more exciting learning process... read more

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