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I used to tell my student teachers: For every hour lesson that you teach in a classroom, be prepared to spend 10 hours prepping and preparing for the set up and delivery of that lesson.  The first time you teach any lesson, you will prepare all of the conceptual material, all of the interactive materials that your students will be using, and you will be adding to your knowledge of the content-- particularly if you are teaching any of the sciences.  People generally do not understand how difficult it is to fashion an hour's lesson at a professional and excellent level.     I have deep sympathy for the AP students out there who are scrambling to adapt to a changing text environment.  Meanwhile, I do not wish to present anything other than an excellent presentation online to represent myself-- or Wyzant.  This is not as simple as "turn on the cameral and talk for an hour".  Perhaps it is reasonable to ask for a FREE hour from tutors... read more

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