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Returning to her childhood home of Oakland, CA after thirty years in Paris, Gertrude Stein discovered “her house was no longer there, her school…park…synagogue [were] no longer there.”  Thus, she proclaimed:  “There is no there there.”   (Source: Can Stein’s unhappy conclusion be said of the educated mind?  Is it possible for one to excel in school at all levels, achieve great things for his company over the course of a thirty year career, only to discover there are no cleats of knowledge and experience to which one may tie his mental ship? When we tutor are we focusing on what good grades a student will need to ultimately thrive in a rewarding career, or do we look beyond one’s career metaphysically and chronologically speaking?   When the career is over and the old replaced with the new of the day; when no one else is around, who... read more

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