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It may be mincing words to some, but teaching is different depending on the objective. On the other side of the table, the learner, too, faces a different paradigm given whether he or she is present to learn a general subject, a subject that they must know for a vocation, or to understand concepts missed the first time around. In turn, these three learning objectives fall under the terms instruction, training, and tutoring, respectively. Let me expand on this. Behaviorists have long observed how children serendipitously learn of the world through interaction, mostly in the form of play. As youth develop, they fare better - that is, more efficiently - by learning in the social environment setting of a classroom. There, a structure pinpoints the source of learning in the form of the instructor. Rules are set about discipline and timing, since primary, elementary and secondary students tend to lack the self-direction of adults, and general subjects flow from the source to the... read more

 As a classroom teacher and a tutor, I get to interact with students in many different ways. In this post, I want to highlight what I see as the tremendous benefit of tutoring over the classroom experience. Some might say that this would be obvious, that it is the 1 on 1 instruction, but I'm going to push it one step beyond that and discuss why that 1 on 1 experience is so valuable.    When a new concept is introduced, a student can feel overwhelmed, or maybe it even clicks right away. Regardless, there needs to be practice in order for that concept to truly take hold and become a part of the student's repertoire. In a classroom environment with 30 students in it, this can be the great challenge. Certainly, not every student understands the concept immediately, and the more students that are in the class, the more likely that there are still gaps in understanding. For this reason, many teachers then use a "guided practice" portion, where they... read more

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