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Hello!   To those reading, you have likely shown interest in lessons with me, reached out to me, or otherwise gotten in contact with me. Or, you're being proactive and have looked into me and my profile further, which I highly appreciate!   Whichever way you've ended up at this post, welcome, and I aim to try and answer the question of whether or not I would make an effective tutor for you, or whoever you are reaching out to me on the behalf of.   NOTE: In these times of quarantine and the threat of the COVID-19 virus, I am currently ONLY doing online lessons. I leave the at-home/in-person options available to signal that, hopefully sooner rather than later, this is an option that will eventually be available again, but for the time being, I am not doing in-person lessons at all. It is a service that, under normal circumstances, I would make available, but for everyone's safety, I work exclusively online, from home.   And, as a... read more

When Redlining works for my students, I try to keep their stylistic choices in mind, even as I correct anatomy.   For those who don't know, Redlining is the process of drawing an informal sketch over another person's piece of art to point out and correct flaws, especially in anatomy. The sketch is usually in red, hence the name. However, as I often correct posing, rather than drawing over the original sketch, I set them side by side.   In this piece I not only corrected the pose and anatomy, but corrected the misuse of bandages to bind [which can be very dangerous, bruising and even fracturing ribs, and often causing permanent scarring] into a small leather riding corset.   In this piece I did two redlines. The first one simply corrects the anatomical structure of the picture, but the second one shows what I personally would consider better poses for the idea the artist was trying to portray.   In this... read more

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