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I will come to your house to improve your skills in the tutoring areas mentioned. All you need is the right equipment and/or software and we'll start from there. Life is too short, learn something that you have the desire to learn now. Years of experience in these fields and awards in some of these fields backup for my work. We'll start at the beginning then move along to where you see yourself being happy. I set up my tutoring to fit each students needs and aspirations. So lets get started, what are you waiting for? Check out my profile at

Welcome to my WyzAnt Blog! In this post I am sharing additional feedback received by professionals with whom I worked in the past. “Working with Mr. Rodriguez was quite enjoyable. He was professional at all times and his work with the students was unmatched at the time by anyone else here. His knowledge was reflected in how the students embraced him. He was here every day even when the students were not. I highly recommend Mr. Rodriguez because he embodies what an Instructor should be.” -- February 18, 2011 Christopher J., Help Desk Supervisor, Remington College “Abnel is a talented teacher who is willing to give his time and expertise freely to his Students and fellow Instructors. When I started at Remington, Abnel graciously showed me how to take full advantage of the teaching tools available at the college. He saved me many hours of potentially frustrating work. He is very enthusiastic, energetic, and organized in everything he does. I miss his passion around the... read more

If you don’t see the options listed below, look in the scanner software for ‘Advanced’ or ‘Expert’ controls or tools. The ‘Basic’ or ‘Quick’ options will not give you the desired results. 1) Place the original on the scanner. TIP: Before you place the original on the scanner, clean and dry the glass thoroughly. Fingerprints and dust will ruin your scan and require re-touching. Don’t spray ammonia directly on the glass. Instead, spray glass cleaner, or monitor cleaner, on a soft, clean cloth and wipe with that. TIP: Make the original as flat as possible. You may have to lay a book on top of it, or hold it with your hand during the scan. Most scanners have a removable cover. (Don’t break the glass or force the cover.) 2) Launch the scanner software . . . a) as a stand-alone program. This makes ‘batch scanning’ easier, since the program allows you to scan many images quickly, one after the other, saving the files as you go without closing the scanner program... read more

More people are using Photoshop every day, as well as its kid sister, Photoshop Elements. Not just photographers, designers, and artists, but also small business owners, event promoters, high school kids, and their moms and dads - they're creating postcards, comic books, newsletters, enhancing photos of their products, or sending cool pix to their friends, and using Photoshop to make all their pictures better. Because Photoshop and Photoshop Elements have SO many options, they can be incredibly frustrating to a novice. The tools are powerful, but not always intuitive, even for a professional photographer. Before you ever launch the program, you must figure out what you want to do with it. Then you can learn how to accomplish that task step-by-step. And on the way, you'll learn so much more. There are three basic purposes for using Photoshop: 1) You can enhance any photograph. That crooked vacation photo with the weird yellow tone can be made beautiful in about 20... read more

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