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Give positive feedback, use encouraging vocabulary Find success, and reinforce effort, in even minor accomplishment ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A tutor provides expertise, experience, and encouragement. They do not provide "answers," but rather assist in problem solving, in getting answers. The challenge is to focus on assignments within the context they are assigned. Tutors should not be expected to diagnose learning disabilities. Diagnosis should take place outside of the tutoring process by a professional academic counselor. If a larger problem becomes apparent, referral is the best strategy. Tutoring strategies: Seek out training to be a more effective tutor: This includes subject matter as well as the tutoring procedures Clearly establish expectations for your learner What are the expectations of the learner? of the teacher? and of those close to the learner (classmates,... read more

Students often ask why is Organic Chemistry so hard? Often they have friends who, although are usually all round A students, have failed organic chemistry. This is a subject like no other, it is not a subject that a student can simply learn the facts and quote them back in an exam. Students often think if they memorize all the facts they can not go wrong. I also get asked why is there so much to remember? The reality is different, if you want to do well in Organic Chemistry, you will have to learn to become a problem solver. Yes, there are rules to learn to solve the problems but simply learning the rules will not guarantee success. Organic Chemistry is a difficult subject that needs to be practised. To make topics even more challenging you very often have to think backwards to solve problems. For example, you may be given a final product and asked for reagents and reactions to get to that product. Other times, you may be given analysis and asked how to interpret what... read more

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