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   Wyzant asked if tutors would be interested in offering an "instant booking" option that allows students to see tutors' availability and book a lesson right away. I would support this service, with conditions, although I am not sure it would be a good fit for my students.    Firstly, I think this booking option should only be available for returning students. I believe that the initial communication between a tutor and student prior to booking the first lesson is critical. It allows the tutor and student to get to know one another, to find out if they are a good match, and to prepare for the first lesson.    Secondly, I think the service should block out times when other students have booked lessons. So, if one student books a lesson during my available time, then another student should be prevented from double booking.    I understand the convenience of automatic booking for students, but it is a tricky issue as a tutor... read more

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