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Why shoot film? I've seen this question posted on various photography websites and blogs for a number of years now, and many of these arguments were very well crafted and passionate with sometimes indisputable points for the use of film. I think at this point in time, however, one can argue that there is absolutely no commercial viability to film photography. I feel sorry for the poor but eager soul who pursues the business of weddings, portraiture, advertising or even product photography with a penchant for the smell of darkroom chemicals.   On the other hand, I can go on and on about why I like to use film (from time to time, and just for my own purposes). The one reason, more than any other, that I sometimes prefer to dust off sixty-year old equipment and order supplies from Eastern Europe or somewhere else far away and spend part of a day, at the end of which I may get little or no tangible results, is simple. I love it.    I will concede that digital... read more

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