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It is very popular the adagio “styles make difference …” and that is true when we talk about teaching styles and learning styles. Teachers around the world use different teaching styles to delivering lessons, and it methods are attached to their cultural environment learning experience. As a consequence their students developed a cultural learning style that melts cultural background and individual learning styles to impact the motivation to learn. United States is receiving immigrants from every corner of the world: Asia, Europe, South America, Center America ... people of all ages that at any giving moment could make the decision to continuing their education. and teaching them could become a serious challenge for any teacher. Teachers that not research about this cultural issue before trying to teach something to these students, soon teachers will be experimenting difficulties to reach students learning Knowledge, as well as behavior problems for misunderstood communication... read more

One of the many reasons why I love teaching ESL is getting the chance to learn about different cultures. I have had the chance to tutor students from around the world. Each student is unique, and I can always learn something new from each one! It is also very important for me that I know the customs of the international students. I think it is important to have an open mind and way of doing things, because each culture does things differently. My goal is to tutor someone from every country in the world :) Hope to see you soon! Sandy

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