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     The uniform CPA exam is regarded as one of the most difficult professional exams, with a passing rate around 50% for all of the sections. However, attaining a CPA license will give you many opportunities in your career. The requirements for the CPA license vary by state, but they all include education (150 credit hours with basically a major in accounting), examination (it is the same exam for all states), and experience (1-2 years). You need the education (or at least a couple of months away from getting it) to sit for the exam, but you do not need the experience portion to sit for the exam. The sections of the CPA are: Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR), Audit (AUD), Regulation (REG), and Business and Economic Concepts (BEC). Thankfully there are many CPA review courses that will be extremely helpful to you as you prepare. Becker is the standard in the industry (the one I used), but it also the most expensive ($3,400). There are a lot of similarities in... read more

As a tutor that have advertised myself as a teacher willing to help students with the CPA, I have come to find a wide spectrum of students with varying needs and propositions.  As a person who has studied and passed the CPA exam myself, I realize the number of hours needed to invest into the preparation, as well as the immense amount of materials being covered.     Before a student decides to reach out to a tutor, they should think about the following to facilitate their discussions with potential tutors:   1) What am I expecting out of the session, do I need to be taught the material, do I need pointers on being more effective and efficient in my studies, do I just need someone to keep me on track?   2) Do I possess relevant and updated materials to study, or do I need help from a tutor to locate that material   3) Knowing that there are so much material to cover and time needed to invest in my studies, and with the average... read more

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