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Let's assume that if you've graduated from cosmetology school, you can perform each of the ten tasks on the practical exam. Perhaps you have difficulty doing them in the time allotted, or perhaps your pin curls are not nearly as neat as they could be. Maybe your layering has some rough spots and maybe you're not entirely sure where to start applying protective base before the relaxer. Still, you more or less know what to expect from each task. (And if you do not, a tutor can help!)   The single most important thing you can do to improve your overall performance on this exam is to organize yourself. Pack your bag in order, according to task, so that everything is within easy reach and you can move fluidly between tasks. When you have only minutes to complete a procedure, every single one counts.   To that end, I've made an exhaustive packing list that I provide to every one of my students, and I'm offering it to you here. It contains every item you'll need... read more

HI FUTURE PROFESSIONALS!!!!          My name is Lisa and I am a Licensed and experienced Teacher and Cosmetologist. Having several years as a hairstylist, a learning leader for successful graduates of Paul Mitchell Schools, I am available to offer my fun and exciting teaching methods with you.       I will prepare lesson plans based on your individual learning styles to enrich and build your confidence to help you pass you NJ State Exam. I will assist with preparation for  both written and practical exams.          I look forward to being a part of your success!!! Welcome to an exciting career in the beauty industry!!!   Best Regards, Lisa H.

Hi Friends: Although retired from the medical field, I am qualified in several different subjects and I have gone through many certification processes to do so. At this stage in my life being a Tutor is so rewarding. Tutoring not only benefits the student but the Tutor as well. Learning is a daily process, and if we learn to focus on what our goals are day by day, then and then only, will we begin to accomplish them. I am prepared to Tutor your children, grandchildren and actually, children of all ages! My experience is in various fields and here is a list of subjects that I am qualified and certified to Tutor you, or your child in... * Reading: Comprehension * Nutrition: Naturopathy-Medical Science, Licensed, ND., Ph.D. * Test Prep: Cosmetology- Licensed with the Florida State Board), also SAT, FCAT, ACT's. * Grammer: Proper rules and formations in speaking and writing. If you have a child of Elementary School age that needs help over the summer months,... read more

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