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Mis clases de conversación son entretenidas porque abarcan muchos sectores culturales de mi país, España, con temas como la geografía, las costumbres, las canciones, la literatura, la cocina tradicional mediterránea, la gente, el arte, la educación, etc.   Tengo experiencia dando clases, tanto a adultos como a niños. En Madrid formé un taller de escritura creativa que duró dos años, en el que daba clases de escritura para adultos, aderezadas con dulces. Lo pasamos estupendamente. También he dado clases particulares de conversación para adultos y clases para niños con resultados de buenas notas.   Por otra parte, me encanta conocer gente e intercambiar puntos de vista y presto gran atención al detalle en el idioma. Mi padre era argentino, mi madre española, y conozco bastantes diferencias entre los diversos modos en que se habla mi idioma en Lationamérica. Encontramos las mismas palabras con diferente significado, y algunos vocablos no se utilizan... read more

I worked for several years as a Craft Specialist for a major retail chain.  Being allowed to use and demonstrate new products for the store gave me a wide knowledge of a variety of crafts and artistic hobbies.  I was also responsible for coordinating crafts with children, which as a teacher, was a win-win situation for me.  I also made it a point to tell parents the educational benefits of the activity we were doing.  It is incredibly important to me that a child have an artistic hobby, a creative outlet that allows them to produce something tangible.   Yes, children, really everyone, needs to get outside and be active.  I walk every single day.  However, my hobby is crafting - mostly making jewelry or knitting.  That is a stationary activity and doesn't provide physical activity for me.  So what good is it?  There are many benefits that we don't even consider!   Probably one of the earliest crafts that kids participate... read more

Do you want somebody guide you to discover the journey of Chinese language, Chinese traditional culture and art? Here I am. Hello, I am an art designer. I was born and raised in Beijing, China (in Chinese, say I am a Beijinger). I have taught foreigner to speak conversational Chinese for 6 years. I created a special way which is according to the “Chinese Oracle bone script” to help them understand the meaning of Chinese character and to help to how to write the Chinese character.  You will find it is easy and interesting to learn Chinese. If you are interested in the Chinese traditional culture and art, I also can teach you the Chinese ink painting and to help you to know more about the Chinese traditional culture and art. I also can cook quite delicious Chinese food, if you want to learn it, call me too.   [*The “Chinese Oracle bone script” is the earliest known form of Chinese writing, dating from about 1200–1050 B.C.  It is... read more

IF I could go back in time and give my younger self some advice on how to be a better student, be more successful in school, life, etc, I would definitely tell myself that being involved in everything comes at a cost. It is better to find a few things that you like to do, do them well and often, than feeling stressed because there is so much on your plate at one time. Being a 'Jack of all Trades' it is natural for me to dip my toes in different waters- all at the same time, but that does not mean that I can give 100% to any of them at that time. While I was able to get good grades (A- average) while in school, I was impressed by how much better I did- and felt about my work- the few times that I scaled back on my activities. Another piece of advice that I wish that I could bestow upon my younger self would be to learn how to speak up in a group setting when someone is not fulfilling their part of an agreement. Now, this said, the best way to do this would be in a tactful manner-... read more

In today's world where everything is about our accomplishments, and time is of the essence, it really helps to get a tutor. I don't think I would be where I was today if I had not had the benefit of a tutor in some of my college subjects. A good tutor can help you to have more confidence and success as you move forward with your goals and dreams. Working with a good tutor can make a world of difference for you. Why not give it a try today?

Why did I choose to teach via WyzAnt? It seems that people trust screening agencies today! We want someone to do the background research for us! From the web search, I found this placement company. It's easier that way to market my services, so it seems! Be my first student or group or students! My local and international references are excellent! I love to teach! My students become my friends! Sincerely, Bonny

Many students claim to be just bad test takers. No matter how much they study or how well they understand the information, when it comes to taking the test, they can’t perform. Well, rest-assure that the problem probably isn’t that the student is a “bad” test taker, but that they let stress get the better of them. In 9 out of 10 students, inability to perform on tests is caused by stress and tension. Luckily, there are some test taking tips that will help any student conquer test apprehension. SECRET WEAPONS All students should have a few of these secret ways to improve not only their test-taking abilities, but also their confidence and self-assurance on the day of the test. The following tips can make a big difference right before a test. Students should try them all to see which ones work best for them. Special Advice to Students: 1. Use multi-sensory studying and memorization practices. When we study, we tend to focus on the visual, but actually, other senses... read more

Hi! As you can see my name is Elizabeth, most people call me Liz. I enjoy tutoring and my students enjoy my classes. I have worked in the classroom in private schools and public schools, tutored in tutoring centers, and tutored privately. My knowledge base is wide and includes all the subjects I have listed please many more. When I teach, my time is centered on making the information easy to understand and use. I always spend as much time as possible making sure that my students learn as much as they can as quickly as possible. I believe in many ways to teach as well as many ways to learn. I will find a way that works for the student best. I love teaching and would never dream of doing anything else. What can I do for you?

My fiancee was a year behind me in college at the same school. She had problems in Math and any application of it: seeing numbers on the page scared her. So her first and only failing grade was in first semester Chemistry. Unfortunately for her, she was required to take two semesters of general Chemistry for her BSN Nursing Major. Summer school time came around. As I happened to have a job programming a computer at the Physics Department over the summer, I had a couple of hours now and then to tutor her in Chem. The first rule of tutoring is: what does the student REALLY need that he/she doesn't know? and the second rule is: what is the easiest and fastest way to teach that to him/her? In my fiancee's case: * She needed to recognize what TYPE of problem she was expected to solve, for example, "this is an equation balancing problem", and "this is a REDOX reaction", and "this problem produces a solute", and then how to do each TYPE of problem... read more

They say that millions of American children will lose about 25% of their reading skills and approximately 2.6 months of math computation skills this summer (according to the U.S. Department of Education and the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management). If that wasn’t bad enough, teachers typically spend 4 to 6 weeks re-teaching or re-reviewing material that kids forgot over the summer break (Johns Hopkins Center for Summer Learning). To prevent these typical summer-time losses, known as “The Summer Brain Drain” or (which occur when kids do not engage in educational activities), I am offering offering tips and lists of games and activities for parents. I am also offering my own 3-month, hour a day, summer program for kids of all ages. The brain works like the body. The good news is that mental exercises can not only prevent the losses but raise cognitive function and IQ, in a short amount of time. Reinforcing cognitive skills (tools that enable kids to successfully... read more

I just wanted to introduce myself to my potential students. I have been in the food service industry for the past 27 years, 13 of them as an Executive Chef. I currently oversee a multi-million dollar facility and a team of over 75 hourly food service workers. I attended Western Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon, and am currently finishing up my bachelors degree at the University of Phoenix. I also own an internet franchise, so my time is well used. I have the expertise and "real life" experience to assist you in your business, cooking or management goals. Send me an email and let me know what I can do for you. Having held a vocational certificate for secondary education, I know what it takes to make a student successful, and I am here to provide that additional boost needed to accomplish your goals.

I taught English to Spanish speaking students in Puerto Rico. It was very challenging. I sang and played games with the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders. The students who where interested in learning did well and later on the could go to a private school where the classes were all in English, since the main language in Puerto Rico is Spanish. For 12 years I taught family Consumer Science to 4th, 5th, 7th, and 8th grade and pre-vocational students. They learned the basics in cooking, sewing, crafts, and ceramics. The students boys and girls sewed an easy piece of garment, pillow and other thing they could do.

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