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Before I realized I had a gift in tutoring as a professional activity in and of itself, I used to do a little bit of it as part of my job as a 1-on-1 and Family Community Support and Intensive In-Home behaviorist.  While I performed many functions which straddled the fence between mental health and social work, a large part of my job involved coordinating between my clients (usually teens and/or their family members), parents, teachers, other medical professionals, community leaders such as activities coaches and clergy, and etc.     Today, I find that one of the things that propels my tutoring into the realm of excellence is my ability to coordinate with parents, teachers, siblings, other students, etc. to ensure students are working with the appropriate content, are properly motivated, and experience realistic social situations (sometimes supportive, sometimes challenging) in order to maximize student enjoyment and achievement.   For example, if... read more

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