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Gone are the days that computers are hardwired to the Internet. Most people today have a wireless home network, but did you know that if it is not secure, anyone within range could access your network, download inappropriate or illegal material and even access information on your home computers? The news is full of stories where people have been arrested for downloading child porn, or other illegal activities, only to find out that their network had been used by someone else! Don’t let this happen to you. If you do have security enabled on your computer, make sure it is WPA2. If your router does not have WPA2 as an option, then it is time to get a new router. They are not expensive and the added security is worth it! By default your router was set with no security settings, but it is not difficult to change that and you should! The manual that came with your wireless router has the directions. But, if you’re like me – it’s someplace very safe – so safe, you probably cannot... read more

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