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In the old days, speed was a top issue on the creations of web pages. Nowadays, you probably heard someone saying, speed is not an issue anymore. The reason is because computers are more powerful and most people have access to high speed Internet. But the reality is that speed is still a major issue on delivering your web pages. Application are also bigger, multimedia is the new standard, and bandwidth is limited. Besides, many web applications make use of frameworks, libraries, and APIs which makes the whole process slower. Most applications nowadays make use of cashing and use client programming. Client programing means that a great deal of the execution of the program are going to be executed from the client or the user. In this case, the user computer is the one processing the programs. Sure, not all the programming is client side, but rather a combination of both client and server. The maximum size for a web image used to be 14k, and the highest width for pixel was 400px... read more

Being my first WyzAnt post, I figured I'd just ponder on a fallacious belief new programmers generally have. But before that, allow me to introduce myself! My name is Jaffer, I am a student at APSU, a senior with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics. I chose to become a CS major because, well, I love video games and I've always wanted to make them. That is why I really got into C# and XNA, as it makes the life of a game programmer significantly easier. I've used C, C++, Java, C#, Ruby, Fortran, Erlang, F#, VB, HTML, PHP, SQL and who really knows what else, and this is over the course of just 2 years really. So, onto the biggest fallacy a new programmer probably believes: Fallacy: Learning my first language was hard and took a long time (it usually does!). I don't want to learn another language because it will take forever. Truth: Learning a programming language is not about memorizing syntax or semantics, nor is it a test of if you can place each semicolon... read more

There was a list that came out a few years ago called "Gizmo's Top 46 Freeware Utilities". Over the years, the list has multiplied and the site is updated regularly with the newest recommendations. If you are looking for free solutions for anit-virus, spyware removal, firewalls, etc, then check out the following link: There is no subscription, no registration, no gimmicks, just free software.

Why do we spend so much money on software? Is it because there is no other option? No! The truth is that just about every personal computer need can be fulfilled via open-source software! What is open-source software? Normally, when we purchase software, we are purchasing a compiled program that allows us to run it; if we have an idea for improving the application, we can only sit back and say "wouldn't it be nice..." Open-source software is freely distributed (although you may see it included in commercial packages such as Red Hat Linux) and includes source code. There is nothing prohibiting us from altering the application to our liking; in fact, it is standard practice to make changes or additions to the source code and redistribute it. Even those who are not so tech-savvy can recognize the obvious benefit of free software. Here are some of the most popular open-source packages: Firefox - A fully functioning web browser with consistent updates -... read more

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) on your business web site in today's highly competitive market is VITAL to success! In other words, SEO is important for ranking high in search engine results. If you come up at the top of a search query, you are more likely to get clicks to your site from those search engines. There are MANY ways you can get higher in search engines rather than pay these search engines a hefty price to be listed in the advertisement sections. I will go over a couple of these methods in short detail below. If you would like a more in-depth private lesson, please do not hesitate to contact me. HTML TAG - You will want to distinguish your keywords and keyword phrases ( words or phrases you think people will type in to the search engines ) in the TITLE tag by using |'s rather than ,'s . Example: David Gunther | Expert Web Design rather than David Gunther, Expert Web Design. Each page of your site should have it's own unique title. HTML META Description... read more

Often people have the mistaken belief that images that look great on their web site should also work well when they grab them from their site and provide them to printing service providers. Web images display very well at 72 pixels per inch (often referred to as ppi) on a computer screen but printed images on paper or other substrates work best at 240 ppi and above for various forms of inkjet printers, and 300 ppi and above for offset printing purposes. (There is a little bit of wiggle room in these suggested image resolutions, however scaling an image with correct resolution upwards beyond an approximate 10 per cent variation may potentially lead to creating degraded final output). This resolution issue is heightened when the images need to be printed larger than they appear on the web site (which is often the case as web images are usually small in width times height appearance, as well as consisting of low resolution within the file) because enlarging images doesn't increase the... read more

Although I am not a contestant on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire", let me nevertheless ask the audience on this one... I want to know what makes a tutor more appealing (besides the profile picture). Is it affordability? Is it flexibility in hours? Is it number of years experience in tutoring a particular subject? Is it the ratings given to the tutor by students? Is it age? Please give me an idea of what I can do for you. Although I am new to this tutoring site, I really want to build more relationships with students who seek assistance in math and other subjects. Your feedback will not only help me cater to these responses, but it may also assist other tutors. Personally, I have noticed a variety of experience from other tutors, various rates, and a spectrum of ages. Some tutors seem quite qualified, yet they could be "selling themselves short" by only charging $25/hr for their services (and with their patience and charisma seem to be "worth"... read more

Many students claim to be just bad test takers. No matter how much they study or how well they understand the information, when it comes to taking the test, they can’t perform. Well, rest-assure that the problem probably isn’t that the student is a “bad” test taker, but that they let stress get the better of them. In 9 out of 10 students, inability to perform on tests is caused by stress and tension. Luckily, there are some test taking tips that will help any student conquer test apprehension. SECRET WEAPONS All students should have a few of these secret ways to improve not only their test-taking abilities, but also their confidence and self-assurance on the day of the test. The following tips can make a big difference right before a test. Students should try them all to see which ones work best for them. Special Advice to Students: 1. Use multi-sensory studying and memorization practices. When we study, we tend to focus on the visual, but actually, other senses... read more

Let's keep this simple. I consider what am I going to do with this new computer. For me, it is a combination of hobby computing, business needs, and personal computing. I am seriously considering an Apple this time. The Apple will fit my business needs with both software and the Microsoft offering I can be compatible with the office. The main reason I am considering an Apple is money and security. I am willing to spend the money to get the hardware and software to pursue my hobbies. My hobbies being music, photography, and computing. I like the way media looks and feels on the Apple. And to be honest, I am tired of the pc. The Apple works. Security. Security is the key. With identity theft the expense is justified. While working security in the United States Air Force I realized that security is a key component in computing. Therefore, I will spend the money now. Identity theft is serious. Enough said. Now build the computer. This sounds easy and here are a... read more

Ken B in Houston, Texas, better known as "The Best Little Tutor In Texas" has just surpassed the 500th hour of tutoring for WyzAnt. For any subject or combination of subjects dealing with mathematics, chemistry, physics, computers, and computer programming, he is the one-man-source. His diversified expertise and ability to simplify complex subject for students makes him a par-excellent source for student's studies.

The Mutilated Chessboard A chessboard has 64 squares, 8 by 8. If you have 32 dominoes, each the size of 2 side-by-side chessboard squares, you’ll be able to exactly cover the chessboard with the dominoes. (In fact, there are very many ways you could arrange the dominoes to cover the 64 squares of the board!) But suppose you cut off any two diagonally opposite corner squares of the chessboard, leaving 62 squares. What patterns of 31 dominoes will exactly cover the mutilated chessboard? This is another good exercise in creative problem-solving. Try to observe your own thought processes as you try to solve this. Are you methodical or do you make random guesses? Do you visualize solving the problem or analyze it differently? Do you attack the whole problem head-on, or try to solve a similar but smaller and simpler problem first?

Practical Business/Computer/Accounting and Public Speaking tutor with some unconventional methods of test preparation and test taking that work very well in conjunction with normal class work and study. I look forward to being able to assist you with your class and very much enjoy seeing a student progress. (Additional Hours may be available by appointment... such as latter nights due to your work schedule).

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