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Not matter what age group and subject, these are my top 5 tips for making learning fun:   1. Start with a fun conversation about the day = this allows me to get the temperance of the student, we all have good days and bad days, this way I can tailor my lesson based on the student's current mood/mindset.   2. Incorporating laughter and jokes = students are more responsive to new information if they are in a good mood.   3. Role play = taking complex or difficult topics within a lesson and applying them to real life situations related to interests the student recognizes.   4. Have the student teach me what they just learned = shows me the levels of comprehension they got from the lessons of the day.   5. Ending the lesson with a motivational quote, song or video  = helps prepare them for their next day.

Hi, I'm new to blogging but not new to tutoring. However, I am brand new to Wyzant. Being one-on-one with a student gives the two of us some of what just can't be accomplished in the classroom possible. A gradual understanding of the concepts and the regular opportunity to learn as is best for you. I can also tutor you without the distractions that tend to take precious time away from the enjoyment of grasping and achieving a great outcome. Contact me. I'd am ready now to work with You!!

Individual tutoring has proven to be the best and fastest way to make progress in learning facts or new skills. I minimize the time spent (and do not charge for) on demonstrations or folio reviews because most students will earn more by DOING with guidance from the sidelines. Many beginners do not even know what questions to ask, so I make a point of providing a steady stream of suggestions...moving quickly past things that have already been learned, and patiently observing the individual's understanding and demonstration of newly learned skills. I highly recommend that new students be prepared to ask for the specific areas of their interest, and not be shy about working to get the most for their money while the session is taking place. The goal is Comprehension, so try to avoid completing the details of a project (with an expensive spectator sitting nearby) for the sake of learning as many important new skills as possible. greg b Industrial Designer

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