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Pascal's Triangle was on Scorpion the night before last. After a jail break Walter finds himself tracking down, or at least trying to connect with the jail breakers. His team is with him. Walter is played by Elyes Gabel. But, most importantly is what happens next. In an effort to meet the runaway jail breakers, Walter works with his side kick, the human computer, to create an engaging task that will lure the smart one of the jail breakers into connecting over the internet. The task is to decipher some puzzle related to the Pascal's Triangle. "Too easy and we are flooded by math geeks, too hard and we don't get him", Happy basically says. This is Pascal's Triangle: 1 121 1331 14641 and so on. You may or may not know that these numbers as above are the coefficients of (x+1)n, which is a polynomial of degree n. If I were to rewrite the Pascals Triangle to display this relationship I would get: 1 1x+1 1x2+2x+1 1x3+3x2+3x+1 1x4+4x3+6x2+4x+1 Ignore... read more

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