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The entrance exams for colleges are the toughest exams that students need to face. It is important to be with your child and help him or her prepare for it from an early stage. Read on to find out some ways in which you can make college admission easier for your child: Gathering information The deadline for college applications, process of applying, type of admission test and the minimum cutoff score should be found out. You can gather this vital information for your child and make it available to your child when required. It is important to ensure that your ward does not forget the scheduled test date and other requirements. Encouraging the child to take the test a year early It is a good idea to go for a trial run before the actual exam. You should persuade your child to take entrance exams in the junior year itself to get an idea about the question pattern and requirement of time management. This can ensure that when the actual time for admission comes,... read more

Let me first say I'm being transparent and sharing this in a spirit of care for all students.   If you are considering my services and my style of educating, I need us to be on the same page.  Sometimes families choose me after they've tried everything else and spent so much money with others it's a bit frustrating.  I don't want to be anyone's last resort.  However, at times I have to be the last resort.  Sometimes I prefer it. Sometimes I need a family to see that the ordinary and commonplace methods, attitudes, or traditions they are accustomed to in education, are not exactly the right fit for their child. It works with me, when everyone is open and ready to get these academic injuries healed!   I'll ask questions no one has probably ever asked when assessing your child.  I have to.  This is the only way I can go in and diagnose how a "12th grader "was overlooked or passed from grade to grade, year by year and no... read more

I ran across this article as I was preparing for the Winter Session.  It exemplifies my approach to education: pursuing STEAM and STEM topics from a place of passion and discipline. My years of Performance Arts Education truly make a difference in my tutoring sessions. I was definitely pleased with the talents my students have brought to the table! Great to read a bio that explains how far it can take them.       Partnering Math and Dance Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office MIT senior Kirin Sinha was just 3 years old when she took her first dance class. Unlike other girls who sign up for tap dancing or ballet to channel a gregarious personality, Sinha, by her own account, was painfully shy, and dance was a way for her to come out of her shell. She soon found that she didn’t mind the spotlight. That first dance class led to many more; in grade school, Sinha started performing competitively, and later professionally, in classical Indian... read more

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