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Sure, we have all heard our math teachers say "Study for your test tomorrow." While we can all agree the importance of studying and getting prepared for an exam, not many math teachers actually tell you HOW to study. I am sure we have all spent time making flash cards, staring at our notes, or watching last minute videos on youtube, only to realize the test results often don't correlate to our effort. Before long, these upsetting experiences and test results created a scar in our minds, that statement we have all heard before: I am just not good at math.   The truth of the matter is, many people who have expressed their inability to understand and perform well on mathematics simply don't know how to study for a math exam. After all, those negative signs and multiple choice questions are often so tricky, even though you calculated every step correctly until the very end, all it took was one single mindless error that can well ruin the entire result. If we closely... read more

One thing that I know is that learning is a process. When we say “it takes a village” well, quite frankly, that may not even be enough people! Not to fear! Many of us already have that village. Support networks are embed in the communities we live in, the family members, peers, and mentors who push us to thrive. What it comes down to is learning how to effectively engage that network in order to have scholastic success and advance your learning. As both teachers and students of learning, the first step is to surround oneself with a network of people committed to engagement and volunteerism for the benefit of social good in the community. This is an integral space for all levels and types of learners to share and connect. In highly professionalized environments, having a learning network is essential to those who wish to ground themselves in a safe space for knowledge acquisition as well as fostering lifelong relationships with people who share similar... read more

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