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Recently, I have noticed that the teachers in my area don’t think highly of their students. I’ve heard such complaints as “Bobby won’t stop fidgeting! He isn’t focusing on his work! The other students are distracted because of his outrageous behavior!” At first glance, this may seem like the student is at fault for everything. However, that may not be entirely true, and in fact it may be that they are simply not getting what they need in school. The middle schools in my district have done three things wrong as of late: 1) Removing a grade from the rubric. In fact, they removed the “D” grade and now “F” is anything 69% and below. 2) Making it so that P.E. is no longer a requirement. Instead, this has been turned into an elective course; given to students by chance. Am I alone in noticing that P.E. gives adolescents structure for exercise standards, helps their bodies develop properly, and makes them burn off excess energy? No wonder Bobby is fidgeting in class. 3) Instead of... read more

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