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In this particular study 492 second, third, and fourth grade students were tested for their Body Mass Index (BMI). Of the 492 students, 202 were girls and 290 were boys. And according to the resulting data, NONE OF THE GIRLS WERE OBESE, and A FULL 92% fell into the normal weight range. Which is to say ONLY 8% fell into the “overweight” range and carried any excess body weight at all!! The ONLY qualification to participate in this study was that all students had to be able to perform at least one conventional pull up, going from all the way down (elbows straight) to all the way up (chin touching the bar). So they could be boys or girls, tall or short, black or white, Democrat or Republican. It made no difference. But if they could do at least one conventional pull up they were qualified. The Girls' Conclusion... The obvious conclusion is that if you’re a girl and you want to avoid carrying excess body weight, start young and learn to do at least one pull up. Do this and... read more

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