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I had a parent contact me about taking exams for her daughter a couple months back, I had told her no right then and there. I was just wondering as to what the procedure was in such a scenario, do you notify wyzant ??   I also realized that since that lady only contacted me with an email saying call me and didn't explicitly state that she needed me to take the exam for her daughter in the email, wyzant probably thinks I cut a deal with her.     

Tutoring to me means helping students understand material and gain confidence using newly acquired skills. Tutoring to me means guiding students through mental roadblocks and better preparing them for the future. Tutoring to me means setting students up for success by making sure they can explain how they got an answer. I fear, however, that for some students tutoring means paying someone to complete an assignment for them. To me that is something else perhaps called 'Cheater-ing' that is the total anti-thesis of what I term Tutoring.

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