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I will be the first to admit I wasn't always a great student when I was in school. In regular school, my own folks couldn't help me with my homework as neither parent had finished high school. They tried, but it was too much for them. So I really struggled through grade school and then high school. In college I struggled once again. I was smart, but I just couldn't understand some subjects the way they were taught, which honestly seemed all backwards to me. Science was a particularly difficult subject at the time. Try as hard as I might, I just could not seem to make sense of anything I was learning. Then everything changed when a relative suggested I get a tutor. I looked around and found a great tutor. What a difference he made in my life. Suddenly, the things he did to help me made me realize that it wasn't me that had a problem; it was the way the subject was being taught in school. He helped me to create a context for what I had to learn, and gave me a logical order for everything... read more

A great new grammar book, "The Essentials of English Grammar in 90 Minutes" by Prof. Robert Hollander [Dover, $4.95] bridges the gap between basic grammar books (for both children and adults) and higher-level books such as the recommended "Essential English Grammar" by Philip Gucker, also from Dover Publications. This grammar book has almost no quizzes or charts, etc. but will give you an over-all picture of not only basic, but higher level grammar. Please see my Amazon Review of this nice little addition to the grammar teacher's and learner's bookshelf.

Hi! As you can see my name is Elizabeth, most people call me Liz. I enjoy tutoring and my students enjoy my classes. I have worked in the classroom in private schools and public schools, tutored in tutoring centers, and tutored privately. My knowledge base is wide and includes all the subjects I have listed please many more. When I teach, my time is centered on making the information easy to understand and use. I always spend as much time as possible making sure that my students learn as much as they can as quickly as possible. I believe in many ways to teach as well as many ways to learn. I will find a way that works for the student best. I love teaching and would never dream of doing anything else. What can I do for you?

This week I started my adventure on I have completed many of the subject tests. So far I have passed them all except one. Physical Science wasn't what I expected and I made two silly errors... I failed by one point... I don't feel that the test was a reflection of my physical science knowledge. I am a credentialed teacher and I passed all CSET sections the first time. I pride myself in this because many people struggle passing the CBEST and CSET. I believe that these exams are true representations of my knowledge, in test form. It's very difficult to measure a person's knowledge in test form. So far I am enjoying WyzAnt. I look forward to communicating with future students and their families.

"They Say/ I Say" by Gerald Graff & Cathy Birkenstein (W.W.Norton & Co., 2006, 1st edition) 176 pages  -- A terrific little book to improve your essays, highly recommended for high school-college level. "Writing Without Teachers" by Peter Elbow (O.U.P, 1996) 200 pages  --- Excellent, innovative writing exercises - already a minor classic " Clean, Well-Lighted Sentences" by Janis Bell (W.W.Norton & Co., 2008, 1st edition) 140 pages $14  --- For intermediate students & business people - all the basics, very well-presented, with some exercises

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