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Today's focus is on being an active test taker, instead of a passive test taker.     Almost everyone during MCAT prep says that "I don't know how they got this from the passage!"  Then you can point out the section the question addresses and the answer is now obvious.  How do you keep track of everything you've read in the passage?   Many of us are passive; we read the passage then approach the questions.  This is not usually the best approach, because the passage information is absorbed en-masse with relatively little degrees of specific information, leaving us to try to search through the passage for specifics to back-up our answers.     I advocate a more active approach.  When you read the article, think to yourself "what kind of question could be made from this paragraph?" as you go along.  I think that you will surprise yourself at how often the test writers were thinking the exact... read more

One of the most difficult aspects of MCAT prep is the sheer amount of information you need to know. You have to start off knowing about chemistry, physics, psychology, and (of course) biology. Then they toss in the CARS passages, where they give you something to read and expect you to answer some pretty difficult questions.  It can be pretty intimidating, and even more so without a clear indication of where to start your prep work.   One of my top suggestions is to start with a topic of personal interest; a passion if you will.  This has several advantages.  First, You're likely already comfortable with knowing where to find articles, and might even get stuff from your friends and family (sorry Aunt Violet, that doesn't mean I want more chain mails that you haven't checked out on Snopes....)  Also, you're more likely to read about what you already find interesting.     From this initial springboard, follow the connections.  They... read more

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