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The market is crummy—if you are reading this and have a job, I am sure that you are grateful. If you are on the market, you are probably nodding, and sadly.   This past February, the company I work for launched a volunteer effort to mentor one segment of the population that is hurting badly—veterans returning from theater. I offered to lead the module for re-crafting resumes. Of course, a resume by itself is insufficient—the best it can do is get you an interview. But that’s a start!   Having now met a score of people with skills, leadership drive, and serious technical chops—only a few of whom have found work in the civilian sector—I’ve dug into what’s available to them online as guidance. Some of the advice is woeful, but some is fantastic, and that’s what you’ll find here.   Like many corporations, my company works with recruiters, and I tossed a couple of these fantastic resources at one of them last week to validate the counsel. The response... read more

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