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To everyone out there in WyzAnt Land,   I've been doing SAT/ACT test prep for many years, and I've developed some techniques that are helping my students increase their scores by an average of 30%. I've done research and found that these techniques are supported by studies done by neuroscientists. They are also unique, in that I've not been able to find them in any other SAT/ACT study guide or help book on the market, so I've written my own book.   Now the fun part begins. I've published magazine articles, but I've never published a book before now. There are a ton of options out there, so my question is, have any of you published a nonfiction book? If so, what would you recommend regarding self-publishing versus traditional publishing (or something in between)? Can you share any experiences that will keep me out of trouble?   I would very much appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks!

Let's suppose you have zero dollars to spend but you do have a few basic supplies around the house.  Here are ten things you can do this summer to make life more interesting – for yourself and others (for ideas 2 – 10, check with your parent[s] before beginning): 1. Reduce time spent on the computer, game box, TV, etc.  Don't just reduce time; set a goal of how much time you plan to cut from each venue per day.  Can you shave off even more minutes/hours by the end of summer? 2. Check out books from the library -- good books by good authors that cause one to think on imagination, perceive symbolism, develop leadership, learn from history; explore new continents, scientific breakthroughs, and much more.  You can also borrow from or swap books with a friend. 3.  Start a journal.  See YouTube and other sites for creating your own cover, pages.  The more you create on your own, the more fun.  Anyone can walk into... read more

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