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As a student myself, winter break is a time for relaxation, and unfortunately, to let many of the skills learned through a semester of college to slip away far more quickly than they were learned. I understand personally how easy it is to let one's brain grow dull over the winter break that we all look so forward to. So what are some ways to keep your brain sharp? And more importantly, what are some fun ways to do so that won't make you feel as though you're actually working scholastically the entire break?   Pick up a fun reading book: Reading is a great way to keep the mind sharp. It's engaging, it encourages critical thinking and imagination, and it challenges the mind to stay focused and recall facts about a story (especially if you don't read the book in one sitting!) To make this a more "social" activity, try to get a group together as a reading or book club. That way, you will all benefit from talking about the book and its contents, the storyline,... read more

Advantages and disadvantages of using a blog as your personal web page. The easiest way to start a web page is by signing up for a blog. You can even assign a domain name or your own URL name to your blog. Advantages 1. They made everything easy for you. 2. You are already following most web standards in the web by using a popular form of blogging. 3. Sindycation of way to become popular by distributing your content is pretty easy with a blog. 4. SEO is also easier when you use a blog, especially if that blog allowes you to write script like the 5. It's an easy way to give fresh content to your users. 6. It keeps track of the time when your articles were published. 7. You can host multipel independent sites from blog CMS like Wordpress. Disadvantages 1. The navigation is usaully based on dates or categories 3. Even when you can create other pages, they may not be fully customisable. 4. Most blogs don't allow the user... read more

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