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Hello future students!   I have decided to write a short story about my background and life to assist anyone seeking to hire me for tutoring. My name is Jennifer Powell (obviously... :-) ). I grew up in Montgomery, AL. As a child I always excelled in school activities, and learning was very natural to me. I was quite the quiet one, but not a geek. It made me extremely proud to bring home good grades. As I am one of seven children, my mother has always shown and instilled in me the value of hard-work, and I am happy to say that it has carried me quite a long way. I have done things that I didn't think would be possible for me living in a low income area. Graduating college was just a peek, I have interned with Essence for its Music Festival in New Orleans, and was able to work along side some of the most prominent company heads in the nation, such as Music World, House of Dereon, VISA, and HSN. Working in a CPA firm after college gave me great confidence in my decision... read more

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