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I am seeing many request for Bible tutor or teacher. I will be happy to supply that need - at any level, whether for children or for preachers! This may be done over the internet, also. I hold an M.Div. from an accredited seminary, have preached in a WIDE variety of non/denominations, have taught in conservative schools, and now teach in a secular community college.  Please feel free to contact me for questions. -- Sharon S..

Following are a few testimonials that have been provided by people who have seen and/or benefited from our language teaching skills and experience. Bovic L. taught French at the University of Indianapolis in 2004. It is my recollection that he did a very admirable job. He is a native speaker of French who has an engaging style and who is very interested in the success of his students. I might add that my wife studied with Bovic and was very pleased with his classes. He is a conscientious instructor who can adapt his teaching approach to reflect his students' learning styles. In summary, I believe that Bovic L. is an excellent teacher. Daniel B., Special Assistant to the Provost,University of Indianapolis I was Principal of Fall Creek Valley Middle School in Indianapolis/Indiana, when Bovic L. was a French teacher at the school. Bovic was a very competent teacher. He planned and delivered engaging lessons. He had excellent classroom management. Bovic was able to get his... read more

Please let me know your experience, or any helpful information you may have regarding Parental Alienation in divorce (or post-divorce) cases. I am deeply concerned for the well-being of some children who may be victims of Parental Alienation. I have been told that this is a form of child abuse, since it can seriously impact a child's self-esteem. Research shows that children in divorce cases are under stress, and when one parent "vilifies" the other parent, it can cause emotional damage to the child, or children. If you can take a minute to comment or email me directly, I would greatly appreciate your assistance. Thanks in advance--I hope to hear from you soon.

In Daniel 5, Belshazzar gets the "handwriting on the wall" (that's where the modern phrase comes from) and Darius the Mede conquers him without hardly a fight. Having drunk soldiers for gate guards will do that. This is the end of Babylon as far as reigning kings. Then Darius takes over and the Medes and Persians reign (as noted in Daniel 2). However, archaeologists could not find Belshazzar if their life depended on it. Outside the Bible, that is. The Book of Daniel was the only historical reference for this king. We had, from archeaology, a complete list of the last kings of babylon and the kings of Persia who took over. Belshazzar was absent from the list. In fact, Nabonidus was the last king of Babylon. So the archaeologists said that Daniel had to be wrong. He was historically inaccurate. In doing this, they made two mistakes: 1) They attacked the champion on a lack of evidence (the bible has always been right and will always be right and is eventually vindicated);... read more

The advertisement on Wyzant asked for my favorite quotes on education. So I feel obliged to recount them. "Education without salvation is damnation." --Bob Jones Sr, Founder of Bob Jones University Brains and education can be a fantastic thing. But, in and of itself, education is not the supreme good. It is not a goal, in and of itself. The devil is not a dummy. He is the smartest being in the universe, outside of Jesus Christ. But his brains do not affect his character, his morality, or his good intentions. If anything, his intelligence worsens his wicked traits. Remember Germany in WWII and Japan in WWI. Did their 95% and 98% literacy rate diminish the evil that they performed? No, it strengthened it. Education without salvation is indeed damnation. "There is nothing more stupid than an educated man, once you get him off the subject that he was educated on." -- Will Rogers People can be educated beyond their intelligence. Just because someone has... read more

Congratulations to MADISON for her dedication and good grades in her challenging business classes. Madison, we're proud of you for doing a great job--it looks like you're going to get A's and B's in all of your classes. Since you are taking some very challenging subjects, passing them all and getting good grades is a praiseworthy accomplishment on your part!

If you are interested in earning a certificate that offers courses in Church History, Old Testament, New Testament, Theology, World Missions and Biblical Interpretation then the Ockenga Institute of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary's Dimensions of the Faith Certificate program is for you. Also, it is absolutely free and totally online. I have gone through this program myself and highly recommend it to anyone interested. If you wish to take only some of the courses and not necessarily go for the certificate that is an option. Enjoy!

I am proud to offer my services after more than 20 years experience. Teaching is a passion and I believe all the subjects I propose are related to the joyful personality that I have that bring a special atmosphere to my classes. My classes are targeted to the needs of the students. I am flexible to work during all the week from 10 am to 6 pm except on weekends. I can also give evening classes or virtual ones.

I attended college at Calvary Bible College for one semester, back in '90. I went there because I had newly returned to the United States after graduating from high school in Quito, Ecuador. I did not return to the US upon graduation, as most other graduates from my class, because my sister was planning to get married in October and my parents didn't have enough money to go to the US twice in one year, in June and then October. So, I began my college years one semester after the rest of my classmates. Since I had not lived in the US for a while,it was decided that I would go to where my sister was going to settle, in Kansas City, MO. My parents thought that it was a good decision, to be around family. For that semester, I focused on Bible classes and History, getting used to the college scene, living and working on campus. It was a good experience to start out, but I wanted to go west. Dad was from Oregon and I had relatives out there, so I moved out there to another college campus,... read more

I keep students motivated during the summer by treating the summer months no differently than the fall, winter, or spring. As a homeschooler, I have the option of doing so. I school year-round because I don't believe in breaks in learning. My husband is a public school teacher and complains every year about his students' loss of skills during the summer. I suggested telling the parents to treat learning as a life skill rather than something their children do from September-June. We all should always be learning those things which will help us throughout our lives regardless of age or season. Instill a love of learning and knowledge at an early age and continue to nurture it, and you will never have to worry about motivating a student, again.

I majored in Elementary Education and minored in Biblical studies. I took all the courses required to become a teacher, but I did not get certified with the state, in my case, Oregon. Growing up, I have excelled in Biblical studies, having grown up on the mission field in Colombia and being surrounded by Bible translators, it was kind of inevitable. I not only had Bible as a course every single year, I also had Spanish. And because we lived beside a lake, we also had swimming included in the P.E. curriculum. Oh, the benefits of growing up an MK. As an adult, I returned to Colombia because I did not feel like I belonged here in the US without my parents present and I never did bond with my extended family. So, down in Colombia, I had to apply for a workers visa, with a specific job in mind. Teaching English was the easiest, least costly visa I could get. It was challenging and fun teaching executives English, focusing on pronunciation and sentence structure, as they had a large vocabulary... read more

Why did I choose to teach via WyzAnt? It seems that people trust screening agencies today! We want someone to do the background research for us! From the web search, I found this placement company. It's easier that way to market my services, so it seems! Be my first student or group or students! My local and international references are excellent! I love to teach! My students become my friends! Sincerely, Bonny

I am so excited that I found WyzAnt!! It has been wonderful! I have met so many new people and love helping work with my students to see them advance! I worked in the public schools for 7 years and loved every minute of it when I had my SPED Resource Room for Learning Disabled, Dyslexic, and ADD/ADHD students. I got to see so many young people better themselves and get passed that learning barrier to advance and become great students that even went on to college. That is what I am about!! I want my students to have the best opportunities that are out there! Just because your child may need a tutor, that does not mean that they will not surpass your ideas or their ideas for their future!! I have very HIGH expectations for my students and love to challenge them to surpass those goals to go on to new heights. Looking forward to working with more students! WyzAnt is terrific!

Wow! I can't believe I'm opening a tutoring business. Well, it's to serve the community but it's also to empower me as an independent contractor. Hopefully I'll be working from home, but if there's a need out there, requiring my assistance, I'll be on my way to enlighten people at whatever the outpost it is - within 15 mile radius, though (let's not get carried away here) :)

When you hear the expression written above, you think of something dismal or sullen. But, that is not always the case. The true is the expression is a reminder of the reality of our world and it is a reality that we often don't take into consideration, despite the fact that it happens to us everyday. When you say, "hope for the best," you believe or have faith that something good will occur that day. Sometimes if you believe enough you will wait for it to occur and be overjoyed when it does. But, what happens if it doesn't occur. Do you ask questions? and if so, what questions do you ask? Why did it not occur? What did I do to stop it? Was I cursed or doomed? These questions simply remind you that life is fickle and unpredictable, and that unpredictability makes it impossible for you to know all possible outcomes, especially positive ones. When you say,"expect the worst", you have already come to a forgone conclusion that the good news which you are hoping... read more

Hi, My name is Deidra M. I have experience as a university professor, GED instructor and grant writer. Further, I am the author of the book "Messages...And How They Have Failed Us," (available on amazon, and at Borders and Barnes and Noble book stores. I am the founder of McCarty & Associates Training and Consulting LLC. My company assists small and large businesses (DaimlerChrysler) as they endeavor to train their employees at all levels. The courses include leadership skills, marketing and public speaking. I have a Masters degree in Counseling and Biblical Studies (Ashland University).

Only those without spot can enter God’s kingdom. He cannot tolerate even the least degree of uncleanliness. His law and His justice must be fulfilled. We know this to be true, and yet, if this were the entirety of the gospel there would be no hope for us. Every single on of us has committed some form of sin. Every one of us has soiled our robes. Every single one of us is imperfect and makes mistakes. If we did not, there would be no need for us to be on earth to learn. Our time in mortality is like being in school. There are spiritual nerds and delinquents, goof-balls and stiffs, those who seem to take on their trials with ease and those who constantly struggle, some are kind and helpful and others are rude and selfish. All, however, have the same goal- graduation. Without a passing grade, the student cannot complete their schooling and move on to greater and brighter things in the world beyond. The one difference between our schools and God’s school is that only those with... read more

There are two "tricks" I have found to make history much simpler to learn. The first is to realize that time is always in motion and to track the cause/effect relationships throughout time (see "Time is a Flow"). The second is to apply emotions to history, and by that I mean to put yourself in the shoes of those before you. For example, I am tutoring two students in American history, currently at the events leading up to and including the Declaration of Independence. So, put yourself in the colonists' shoes. WHY were the set of acts setup by Britain so awful? WHY did the colonists have no choice but to rebel? Well, if you pretend that you are a colonist, the answers start making sense: You are being ruled by a monarchy across an entire ocean. At this point, you were probably born in America, so you have never even been to Britain. Yet, this king decides all of the laws for you and places taxes on items you use everyday... for what? To send more troops... read more

One of my pet peeves is how history is often taught. First off, history is about people and what happened, which is often rather exciting, not about dates. If you don't believe me that history can be exciting, just look at the #1 source for inspiration for video games (at least #1 when it comes to school subjects). Most strategy games are based on history and most others include history in their games (even if not our history *nods at Final Fantasy*). My other gripe though is that history is broken into sections. While I certainly admit the world has gone through major events and that sections can be helpful, so often I see history learned entirely as those sections. Time is a flow. History flows one event into the next. If we do not teach our students the cause-and-effect relationships throughout history, how are we supposed to learn from our past mistakes (and successes)? For example, I have a student who I am helping with history. He is studying world history from... read more

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