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After tutoring for so long, it often gets tough to think up new ideas to keep young students interested. To get small children interested in learning, the best technique is to think like they do! And as any parent or grandparent knows, this means lots of hands on activities and being creative. In my specialty of beginning reading/phonics, here are some fun ways to get the little ones charged up: 1.Writing ABC's can be boring- making them is more fun! I like to let children shape letters out of various pliable/bendable materials, while we practice the phonetic sounds of each letter. This is a good progression activity that will introduce letter words to your child as well as the phonetic sound itself.  2.Talking can be tuned out- singing is entertaining! Students will retain theirs word sounds and progress to whole words/sentences a lot easier when they're musically sharing with you. It's even better when you can encourage them to come up with their... read more

If you are struggling to encourage a reluctant reader to read for at least 30 minutes per day, this website may help.  I began using this with Beginning English as a Second Language (ESL) students but have found that it also works well for K-6 readers as well.  Here are the instructions for accessing this FREE site:     Go to a. Under the heading marked Stories, click on Tumblebooks b. Click on Tumblebook Library c. Click on Story Books or Non-fiction Books d. Choose a book and then click Read Online

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