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As we go about the beginning of yet another school year, let us not forget about the al importnat tutoring. I have had students who want to try the beginning of the school year on their own. I woudl suggest to any parent to allow their student to be a bit independent but ensure tha tthey are staying focused on their school work and not being dsistracted by their technology (smartphones, tablets and ipods)! I would recommend tutoring at least once a week during the first few weeks to make sure that they are staying focused and 9 times out of 10 the student will be ready for you to come for tutoring. This way they can answer all of the questions that they will not ask in class and their grades will remain consistent. There is nothing more stressful for a child and parent than trying to find a GREAT tutor that can improve low scores in a weeks time. So get a tutor that is comfortable with the student and with the family.

If you are like me, you want to get a head start on things -- "hit the ground running," as they say. What better way than to get started on the new year in academics! I always found that when I was in high school or college, summer reading was very enjoyable. There were no deadlines -- I could nestle up by a tree and read for hours. I recommend giving it a shot.   When it comes to chemistry, what better way to get started than reading some basics. One of my favorites is Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything. It is a great overview of science in general. I also recommend John Gribbin's In Search of Schrodinger's Cat. It is an amazing story about the discovery of quantum mechanics and is a must for all explorers of science.   It is also a good idea to get a chemistry set and do some basic chemistry experiments. It is a fun and interesting activity! A lot of chemistry experiments can even be done in one's own household... read more

Biggest tip for success is...............   Develop an system to be organized and stay on top of assignments.   1. Find a way to keep track of due dates. 2. Keep each subject in it's own little space. 3. Ask immediately upon needing help!  Don't hope it will come to you. 4. Have fun.  Enjoy learning!

The summer is winding down to an end and school will be here before you know it. For those of you in high school it may seem like a drag and im sure most of you are ready to graduate and be free! I promise you that you will miss it somewhat and you should cherish every moment with your friends and school. Although im sure you have heard that before, I do have some tips to make going back to school a much easier transition!   1) Double check you have the supplies you need           It happens almost every year that we forget a book or some notepads you will need for the start of the semester. This causes more problems than you may care to admit, the first one being that you will be set behind in the class. Especially in college you will miss a book or material you will need and not get it untill about a week and half in. You may tell yourself that you can recover because it is only the beginning of school, and although it is possible, most of... read more

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