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The best advice I can give students who are going back to school would be to get plenty of rest and eat a great breakfast!     The week before school starts back, start getting yourself on a schedule.  Go to bed a little earlier (and at the same time each night) and get up a little earlier (and at the same time each morning).  This will help your body acclimate to a new "natural" schedule.   The first day of school, be sure to have a good breakfast (eggs or oatmeal are good choices).     These things will help you to not only have a great first day of school, but also a successful school year!   Good luck!

The summer is winding down to an end and school will be here before you know it. For those of you in high school it may seem like a drag and im sure most of you are ready to graduate and be free! I promise you that you will miss it somewhat and you should cherish every moment with your friends and school. Although im sure you have heard that before, I do have some tips to make going back to school a much easier transition!   1) Double check you have the supplies you need           It happens almost every year that we forget a book or some notepads you will need for the start of the semester. This causes more problems than you may care to admit, the first one being that you will be set behind in the class. Especially in college you will miss a book or material you will need and not get it untill about a week and half in. You may tell yourself that you can recover because it is only the beginning of school, and although it is possible, most of... read more

The first thing I would recommend is to get organized from the first day.  Decide on what system you are going to use to keep track of assignments and due dates and allow enough space for each class.  Secondly, make sure you have all the equipment you need, such as printer paper, ink cartridges, notebooks, pens & pencils, electronic helps and books.  Find the websites you will need and put them in your favorites.  If you are not familiar with your school library, take the first opportunity to familiarize yourself.  Begin the first day completing well all your assignments for the next day and work ahead as far as you can.  Decide how many hours a day you need to set aside for studying and schedule those in.  Follow your schedule rigidly, working ahead whenever you have time, but don't forget to do some fun things on weekends and holidays.  If there is some special event you want to participate in during your normal study time, work... read more

Each new year is a fresh start.  Be sure to introduce yourself to your teacher. (When they call your name on the role, that is not introducing yourself!)  Take time after class to approach the teacher and talk to them. They will learn your name faster and it shows you care about their class.  Tell them how you learn or feel about school: "I sometimes need things repeated before I remember what to do" or "Math is a struggle for me".  Teachers have many students, so the biggest advice I can give is RAISE YOUR HAND and ask for help if something is confusing. Teacher's can't read your mind.   Many teachers at the beginning of the year will be reviewing last year's material for a few weeks.  If you find your self not remembering last year's material, tutoring needs to start now!  

As summer break is winding down, many students look ahead to fall and one question is on their minds: how can I start this year strong? Well, trust me, your teachers are saying the same thing (yes, your teachers are people too). For teachers and students alike, fall is a time to start over and begin the year anew.   Chances are, you've grown as a person over the summer. I remember the fall of my junior year in high school, several students came back looking like completely different people because they had grown and changed so much over the summer. Be prepared for this. You may want to take a moment to put some effort into your own appearance, which brings me to tip #3:   3. Buy a back to school outfit (or two). Even if your budget is limited, Old Navy has some great stuff, even if it's just a few new pairs of socks or t-shirts. Or go for a few new outfits at your favorite store. Keeping your appearance neat the first week of school will make a great impression... read more

If you are a student preparing to return to school and you always hated MATH. Here are some short exercises that you can do to help you get back in the swing of things:   Get familiar with They have all the basics with good practice for you to review. They only allow you ~30 questions as day, so you can't overload yourself! Try to be aware of the math around you in your everyday life. If you can see mathematics in the world around you, it helps to motivate you to learn. Practice mental math When you are in the grocery store, instead of whipping out your calculator, try to figure out the cost per ounce in your head. Round if you need to, but get back in the habit of using math mentally every day. Read books Ok, this isn't really a "math" thing, but if you don't read books (fiction, non-fiction, classics, reference) it will be hard to transition back to shcool. Yes, reading online is okay, but... read more

Parent's often ask me what their children should do to start the school year off on the right foot. I polled teachers and came up with a Top Ten list that you should review in order to ensure your child starts the school year off right.  1. Stay Organized! 2. Help your child set Personal Goals for the school year. 3. Notice weaknesses and get help ASAP. 4. Start a proper bedtime schedule & make breakfast a priority. 5. Remind your child to report bullying. 6. Acknowledge good behavior. 7. Encourage pleasure reading. 8. Participate in extracurricular activities. 9. Build relationships with your child’s teachers. Early & Frequent contact is a must! 10. Know your child’s friends! ALWAYS MAKE TIME FOR FUN!

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