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Possessing an inner membrane, as well as an outer membrane, and made of phospholipid bilayers and proteins, five specific parts of the mitochondrion and their unique purposes are listed below.   First, lets explore the outer mitochondrial membrane that surrounds the organelle and contains a large number of porin integral proteins that allow molecules to travel through the cell membrane pores in what is commonly known as passive diffusion from either side of the membrane to the other.  In order for larger proteins to enter mitochondrion they must bind to large multi-subunit translocase of the outer membrane proteins that actively transport them across the outer mitochondrion membrane while lipids can be moved between mitochondrion and the endoplasmic reticulum membrane.   The second unique part of mitochondrion is the inner mitochondrial membrane that has proteins with five distinct functions including those that perform oxidative phosphorylation... read more

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