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In Daniel 5, Belshazzar gets the "handwriting on the wall" (that's where the modern phrase comes from) and Darius the Mede conquers him without hardly a fight. Having drunk soldiers for gate guards will do that. This is the end of Babylon as far as reigning kings. Then Darius takes over and the Medes and Persians reign (as noted in Daniel 2). However, archaeologists could not find Belshazzar if their life depended on it. Outside the Bible, that is. The Book of Daniel was the only historical reference for this king. We had, from archeaology, a complete list of the last kings of babylon and the kings of Persia who took over. Belshazzar was absent from the list. In fact, Nabonidus was the last king of Babylon. So the archaeologists said that Daniel had to be wrong. He was historically inaccurate. In doing this, they made two mistakes: 1) They attacked the champion on a lack of evidence (the bible has always been right and will always be right and is eventually vindicated);... read more

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