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In my teaching, I have seen that lessons can be fun when:   1) An application is applied to the learning.        -ex.  when I can see that material that I am learning now has application to what I will be doing in my life this week, month, year, life.   2) When the concept makes the problem solving easy.       -ex. When I can understand what is causing the frustration or making it hard, and taking that obstacle away by knowing how to work the problem in effective manner.   3) Humor       - laughing is a great why to take the edge off of homework.  Make it fun by poking fun into it. Laugh about it.   4) Making the most out of the homework to see how you can breathe some life into something that is dull and lifeless.     -ex. some homework assignments have the ability (especially writing) to make it more than just learning how to write sentences;... read more

My favorite website to learn a foreign language is DuoLingo. It is an entertaining way to learn a new language. Completing one skill unlocks other skills, which allow you progress from basic words all the way through various verb tenses and abstract ideas. When you click on a lesson you’ll see a series of tips and common questions.   Another neat app that might be interesting for people who want to learn German is TuneIn radio. It's a radio app with many German radio stations on it. It helps to understand the language better and plays great music. It's probably the cheapest way to hear real examples of Germans talking and singing.

After several months of carrying some pretty heavy textbooks around with me, I recently decided to switch to a Kindle Fire and start using electronic textbooks. Although there are times when a good old-fashioned book really cannot be replaced, I'm very pleased with the weight of my tutoring bag now, and my students seem to be enjoying the switch as well.   I'm able to download textbooks for free in some cases ("Boundless" publishing), and I also have several different dictionaries and other reference books a tap away! Any other books I might find helpful for my students? Just a few clicks away. This also frees up my paper textbooks to loan to my students in-between sessions. Using a Kindle gives me the added benefit of being able to load educational applications to use for practice and reinforcement. Since we are in the 'computer testing' age, this also gives my students some extra practice in preparing for computerized exams. I'm sure you'll notice... read more

I have been in IT Software Development and Applications Architecture business for the past 14 years using from MS Access, SQL to high end technologies like ASP.Net and VB. If you need any assistance in automation of your manual processes from scratch to implement or modify/mainatin the existing applications, we can do that. All you need is just to contact me and I will take it from there. Regards, Krishna

Well, I finally got the Move for my husband's PS3. I bought the kit that comes with the video camera, light wand, and the sports champions game. I was excited to be getting something fun, interactive, and also teaches physics! Believe it or not? First of all, the idea of getting physical while playing games takes you back to the days when physics was getting physical in pe class. You had to be fast to run for the ball, use force to kick it, and then have great impulse momentum for that ball to make it to the goal. In "Sports Champions" you get to play volleyball, ping pong ball, or bocce ball. The volleyball and ping pong ball interactions really show you how to overcome the inertia of a moving object by adding more force over a longer period of time (impulse momentum)...but of course you have to hit it. That hand-eye coordination is all about you reacting to the action; you want to have the mentality that, "For every action I see, I am ready for an opposite reaction... read more

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