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Careers:   AP Chemistry and IB Chemistry will help you succeed and stay ahead in any science class you take in college.   AP Chemistry and IB Chemistry are involved in the following professions:  medicine (including veterinary), pharmacy, dentistry, engineering, real estate, architecture, insurance sales, car sales, environmental law, scientist, researcher, professor, teacher, physician's assistant, dental hygienist, nursing, physical therapy, therapist, forensics, and governmental agency (i.e., CIA or FBI).     Experience:   Every science class in college will have some sort of a separate lab component.  AP or IB Chemistry gives you experience you need with all of the different equipment and chemicals to be successful so that way your first day in a college lab won't be as daunting and terrifying for you.   The rigors of either class will help you with the development of both your conceptual and time-management... read more

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